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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Students weigh economic, social factors in grad school

Megan Miller November 12, 2013

Before students walk across the Coleman Coliseum stage and turn their tassels to receive their bachelor’s degrees, most narrow their post-graduation options down to two: get a job or go to graduate school....

Grad school gives students option to continue education

Megan Miller November 12, 2013

After graduation, some students choose to take a gap year, some travel abroad and some enter the workforce, but others choose to remain in school as graduate students. In addition to those who make the...

Theatre society promotes confidence, self-expression

Megan Miller November 6, 2013

Since 1994, students have been lining up for hours each month to buy tickets for Guerrilla Theatre, brought to campus by The University of Alabama’s chapter of the national theater honor society Alpha...

Left to roam: when students leave, many pets are left behind

Left to roam: when students leave, many pets are left behind

Megan Miller October 29, 2013

When Sarah Garner, a senior majoring in social work, adopted her dog, Nelson, from the Lee County Humane Society, she picked him out, signed some paperwork and carried the puppy off to his forever home....

Festival showcases arts, crafts

Festival showcases arts, crafts

Megan Miller October 21, 2013

The Kentuck Festival of the Arts, a cultural staple in the Tuscaloosa community, brings artists and community members from all walks of life together under the common interests of art and citywide involvement....

Wedding belles: Young brides face balancing academia, wedding plans

Megan Miller October 14, 2013

In 1864, a young Southern woman wrote to the editor of the Southern Literary Messenger divulging her qualms of becoming an “old maid,” as documented in the Journal of Southern History. The Virginia...

Moundville festival celebrates Southeastern Indian culture

Megan Miller October 9, 2013

Moundville Archaeological Park is celebrating the rich culture of Southeastern Indian traditions with its annual Native American Festival Wednesday through Friday. “The prehistory and history of Southeastern...

ECo addresses Marrs Spring litter issue

ECo addresses Marr’s Spring litter issue

Megan Miller October 3, 2013

When The University of Alabama Environmental Council led a cleanup of Marr’s Spring recently, the group of five students picked up more than a little litter. In fact, they picked up six large trash bags...

Professor, husband to perform in dance showcase

Megan Miller September 24, 2013

Stacy Alley, assistant professor of musical theatre and dance, and husband Rob Alley will be performing for the first time collaboratively in the upcoming Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre fall showcase....

Tuscaloosa gains new craft brewery business

Tuscaloosa gains new craft brewery business

Megan Miller September 12, 2013

Black Warrior Brewing, the newest member of Tuscaloosa’s craft beer movement, will make its debut in downtown Tuscaloosa between October and November. The founders of Black Warrior Brewing were part...

Service group lends hand to Black Belt

Megan Miller September 5, 2013

With community service programs and initiatives rampant on campus, the Honors College has developed a new program that targets the needs of Alabama’s Black Belt region. Black Belt Action, a subset of...

Students finish in less than 4

Megan Miller August 28, 2013

With The University of Alabama’s increasing costs of attendance and the continually shrinking job market, many students try to speed up their graduation process to save money and get a jump on students...

Alabama Action provides service, social opportunity

Megan Miller August 26, 2013

As a freshman, Molly Deaver came to The University of Alabama a week early, and she credits a successful first year to that decision. Deaver, now a sophomore majoring in French and international studies,...

Students technology addiction disrupts sleep

Students’ technology addiction disrupts sleep

Megan Miller July 17, 2013

With the ever-increasing presence of social networking, negative side effects like disrupted sleeping patterns seem to be growing, too. “Having a smartphone in your bedroom creates a number of problems,”...

Alabama Blues Project offers kids music lessons

Megan Miller July 10, 2013

Local schools will be getting a little blues added to their summer repetoire thanks to the Alabama Blues Project. Started in 1998, the program aims to pass on blues music and history to future generations....

With increased social media use comes increased anxiety

Megan Miller July 3, 2013

As social media use continues to increase for teenagers and young adults, users have begun to experience side effects, such as depression or anxiety, and researchers have taken notice. Nicole Muscanell,...

UA student wins grant to help local river

UA student wins grant to help local river

Megan Miller June 26, 2013

Gillian Richard, a University of Alabama public relations student and Black Warrior Riverkeeper intern will have a little more help now cleaning up the Black Warrior river. Richard recently received the...

Students seek methods other than federal financial aid, scholarships to account for rising cost of attendance

Megan Miller June 19, 2013

When financial aid and scholarships aren’t enough to make educational ends meet, some students may turn to loans to help assist them with the remaining costs. According to American Student Assistance,...

Quirky gifts for Fathers Day: A guide to make sure Dad isnt bored this holiday

Quirky gifts for Father’s Day: A guide to make sure Dad isn’t bored this holiday

Megan Miller June 12, 2013

With Father’s Day approaching, one can quickly be reminded that dads can sometimes be difficult to shop for. Chances are your dad has a drawer full of ties he rarely wears, so step outside the box of...

Kentuck Art Night celebrates drive-in theaters

Kentuck Art Night celebrates drive-in theaters

Megan Miller June 5, 2013

On June 6, 1933, the first drive-in movie theater opened. Eighty years later, Kentuck has used this idea as inspiration for its monthly Art Night to be held Thursday, from 5 to 9 p.m. in the Courtyard...

Historical buildings offered limited protection, recognition

Historical buildings offered limited protection, recognition

Megan Miller May 29, 2013

In light of the recent destruction of the Kilgore house on the UA campus, many locals, students and preservationists are raising into question what pieces of history can be protected and what can be destroyed...

Local ministries offer study breaks

Megan Miller April 24, 2013

With finals week fast approaching, many University of Alabama students are spending the vast majority of their time holed up in the library, plugged into Pandora with their choice of caffeinated beverage...

Dining halls adjust as more students go gluten-free

Megan Miller April 17, 2013

With the the number of people with gluten allergies and celiac disease increasing, restaurants have started to take notice. Now, as more students go gluten-free, dining halls are trying to catch up as...

‘Vagina Monologues’ brings light to violence against women

Megan Miller April 17, 2013

As part of an effort to stop violence against women and girls, the Women’s Resource Center Student Leadership Council and Alpha Psi Omega will be presenting a two-night-only production of “The Vagina...

Blaine Duncan & The Lookers to release 2nd album in May

Megan Miller April 16, 2013

Blaine Duncan & The Lookers didn’t know if a second album would ever come together, but after more than two years of hard work, “When She Dies” is set to be released May 1. Duncan said the first...

Tuscaloosa Community Dancers show ‘Coppelia’

Megan Miller April 11, 2013

Six months worth of long hours of rehearsal, costume fittings, critiques and technique classes will finally culminate for the Tuscaloosa Community Dancers April 12-14 when they put on their spring production,...

DCAF holds onto old goals, transitions to new organizers

Megan Miller April 5, 2013

Former Creative Campus interns Beth Hataway and Ryan Davis never thought their creative project idea for a non-profit music festival to highlight art and music would come true, but on March 27, 2010, Druid...

No recitals, just fitness: Dance studio offers adult-geared classes

Megan Miller March 20, 2013

Before she came to The University of Alabama, alumna Lauren Ault took dance classes for 12 years. On campus, though, she found she didn’t have the time to take lessons and realized that outside of changing...

Kinesiology department offers self-defense class for UA women

Megan Miller March 13, 2013

Female students at the University have the opportunity to take an elective quite unlike many others – Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention. The class is a general elective in the kinesiology department...

Vices: why we do what we know we shouldn’t

Megan Miller March 12, 2013

  A vice is defined as immoral conduct, or depraved or degrading behavior, and there are plenty to be found on the University of Alabama campus. Some of the most practiced at the University include...

UA, UAB sponsor art history symposium

Megan Miller March 7, 2013

On Friday, The University of Alabama will host the 18th annual Graduate Student Symposium in Art History, an annual event shared by the University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The event...

Kentuck adds metal-working workshop to Art Night

Megan Miller March 5, 2013

This week, at the monthly Kentuck Art Night, things might be a little warmer in the Courtyard of Wonders at the Kentuck Art Center. Kentuck will host a metal casting workshop in addition to their usual...

Arts ‘n Autism celebrates 9 years of service

Megan Miller February 28, 2013

Arts ’n Autism, an after-school program for autistic children in the Tuscaloosa community, will be hosting their eighth “Stand Up for Autism,” a comedy night to benefit the program Friday, March...

Figure drawing class allows students to learn technique, anatomy

Megan Miller February 26, 2013

The brushstrokes of a handful of UA art students in a classroom in Woods Hall are transforming the way the models volunteering for the figure drawing class see themselves as the students explore creativity...

Dance program grows to reflect international influence

Megan Miller February 20, 2013

Twenty years ago, the founders of the UA dance department couldn’t have dreamed that their department’s inaugural class, made of 13 dance majors, would in two decades grow into a modernized, critically...

England in 1819 to perform in Tuscaloosa for the first time

Megan Miller February 13, 2013

England in 1819, a father-son band, is set to make its first appearance in Tuscaloosa Saturday at Chloe’s Cup downtown. Comprised of father Liam Callaway and his two sons Andrew and Dan, the group is...

Kentuck Gallery features 2 new exhibition with Art Night

Megan Miller February 7, 2013

Thursday marks the opening of two new exhibits at Kentuck Gallery, “Earth and Beyond” and “Corpus Sylva,” by local artists Joni Gruber and Amy Swartz. “Earth and Beyond” will be featured...

Life of a pageant queen full of responsibilities

Life of a pageant queen full of responsibilities

Megan Miller January 31, 2013

After the crown and bouquet of flowers have been awarded, a pageant queen’s job is not complete, as many might think. The win marks the beginning of her newest job and the set of responsibilities that...

Hotel Capstone hosts 2nd annual bridal show

Megan Miller January 24, 2013

Before a bride says “I do,” she must have each detail of her wedding planned out, including everything from the flowers to the dress. Bridal shows often give brides the opportunity to tie up any last...

Kentuck begins culture program for kids

Megan Miller January 17, 2013

Since 2010, Kentuck Art Center has hosted a “third Saturday” art fair each month, and each featured some component of a free children’s art activity. Now, Kentuck will extend their goals of “perpetuating...

Programs now offer gift cards for education

Megan Miller January 10, 2013

Instead of asking for traditional gifts this year, some students may have asked for a new type of gift card — one that helps pay for college. Two new programs, GradSave and Kiva are changing the face...

Annual Library Report ranks UA libraries 36th

Megan Miller December 6, 2012

As finals near and Dead Week drags on, University of Alabama students are filling the campus libraries that, according to the 2011-2012 Annual Library Report, rank 36th at public universities in the U.S....

Creative Campus helps UA students gain DIY attitude

Megan Miller December 6, 2012

DIY UA is an ongoing Creative Campus project dedicated to instilling a do-it-yourself attitude into University of Alabama students. From 6 to 7 p.m. Thursday night, DIY UA is hosting a bleach print T-shirt...

Holiday Acoustic Night to feature 4-musician lineup

Megan Miller December 5, 2012

The Bama Theatre will host their fourth annual Holiday Acoustic Night to benefit the Good Samaritan Clinic this Thursday, Dec. 6 at 7:30 p.m. “They do a wonderful job of helping people who have no health...

UA Safe Zone offers support, awareness for LGBTQA community

Megan Miller November 29, 2012

UA Safe Zone, an on-campus organization, strives to educate University of Alabama students about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer needs, as well as providing these individuals with support...

Students find ways to eat locally year-round

Megan Miller November 20, 2012

Cities around the United States are seeing a growing trend in local farmers markets where residents can buy food they know is grown in the same state they call home. The trend has led to a new name for...

Music fraternity to host karaoke competition, sell baked goods

Megan Miller November 15, 2012

The sisters of the Theta Delta chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity invite University of Alabama students to participate in their third annual karaoke competition Thursday, Nov. 15...

Artist, Black Belt Bamboost to open new park

Megan Miller November 7, 2012

Artist and UA graduate student Claire Lewis Evans is partnering with Black Belt Bamboost to open a bamboo park called “Signs of Life,” adjacent to Kentuck Park in Northport. The opening celebration...

Transportation ‘pecking order’ leaves a lot of bikers unhappy

Megan Miller November 5, 2012

Due to the influx of bicycles on The University of Alabama campus, the Quad has been established as a “pedestrian priority zone” to discourage bikers from riding on sidewalks. “The idea came from...

ARDT fall concert showcases faculty’s choreography

Megan Miller November 5, 2012

The Alabama Repertory Dance Theater fall concert, a faculty choreographed showcase of technical ability and storytelling performed by University of Alabama dance majors, will host the season’s first...

Dinner series promotes community discussion

Megan Miller October 24, 2012

The Ferguson Center wants students to engage in conversation with prominent members of the Tuscaloosa community, and they plan to make it happen with food. Planning for the Dinner with Strangers series...

Dance Alabama! a ‘crowd pleaser’

Megan Miller October 23, 2012

Simple costuming, effective use of lighting and smooth transitions are just three of the standout elements of this year’s Dance Alabama! fall concert. The event was comprised of 20 student-choreographed...

Creative Campus hosts DIY UA

Creative Campus hosts DIY UA

Megan Miller October 17, 2012

Creative Campus is in the development stages of a do-it-yourself series that will allow student art making and hands on projects through interactive events. “Part of Creative Campus’s objective is...

Music fraternity hosts American music benefit concert

Megan Miller October 10, 2012

The sisters of Sigma Alpha Iota Music Fraternity invite The University of Alabama to join them in celebrating the legacy and the future of American music Wednesday, Oct. 10, in the Moody Music Building....

Some to serve during fall break

Some to serve during fall break

Megan Miller October 2, 2012

For many students, fall break is an opportunity to go home for the first time during the school year or stay in Tuscaloosa and get ahead on schoolwork and studies. Some students however, use this opportunity...

Capstone church to host benefit concert featuring Steve Moakler

Megan Miller September 20, 2012

Artists Caleb Sigler and Charity Vance will perform the opening acts to headliner Steve Moakler at Alabama International Justice Mission’s benefit concert this Friday. Alabama International Justice...

Giving significance to the salvage

Giving significance to the salvage

Megan Miller September 12, 2012

Community, beauty and hope are three unexpected things that local artists discovered in Tuscaloosa in the wake of April 27, 2011 tornado. Salvaged wood, collected from devastated sites in the city is now...

Barre Fitness establishes presence at Rec Center

Megan Miller September 10, 2012

The University of Alabama Recreation Center has made a new addition to their fall class schedule, adding two Barre Fitness classes on Mondays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:20 p.m. Barre Fitness, an increasingly...

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