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How to make friends in college

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New students at The University of Alabama may feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer size of the campus and the massive number of students. Whether students are starting out on their own or already here with friends, it helps to expand one’s social circle and meet new people who share one’s interests. Here are some tips to help students get started.

Join a club 

The University has a fantastic range of clubs and organizations to choose from, catering to all sorts of interests. From the Bass Fishing Club to the Ballroom Dancing Club to the Dog Walking Club and much more, there are around 600 clubs and organizations students can join.  

Students can find all the University’s student organizations, campus events and important news on 

Additionally, students should keep up with First Year Experience across all social platforms. FYE helps first-year students make the transition to college life and plans welcoming activities to help students make new connections. 

Attend events 

At the start of each semester, the University holds Get on Board Day. Many of the clubs and organizations on campus participate in this career-fair-type event, where students can learn more about the different communities they can join.  

There are also plenty of events hosted by University Programs, such as movie nights, arts and crafts, and bingo. Students can follow UP on Instagram to stay up to date on all its events. 

UP hosts Weeks of Welcome at the beginning of the fall semester, this year running Aug. 20 to Sept. 2. WOW consists of several free events to help first-year students build community and integrate into campus. 

These events attract a diverse range of people and provide an excellent opportunity for students to step out of their comfort zone and connect with new people.  

Connect with classmates 

Whether students are in a small class with just a few students or a large lecture with hundreds of people, chances are there are others who share their interests. Instead of sitting alone, try to find a group of people or someone to sit next to.  

Little conversations with others can lead to meaningful connections that last throughout college.  

Another great way to make friends is by forming a study group. These low-stakes hangouts can be the best way to get to know people a little better in a comfortable environment. 

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