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Get on Board Day draws crowd with 485 tables

CW / Caroline Simmons
Members of a UA student organization promoting their club at Get On Board Day.

Hundreds of students rallied in the Quad on Thursday evening for this semester’s Get on Board Day, where 485 student groups, vendors and departments tabled to speak with students and promote their organizations.  

Get on Board Day is an involvement fair that is held every fall and spring semester. It provides an opportunity for new and returning students to become more actively engaged on campus, according to The Source. 

Freshmen tend to have an especially large presence at the fair, with many seeking organizations that might suit their interests.  

Liam McIntyre, a freshman majoring in business, said he was interested in exploring the different groups on campus to “grow as a person,” but went into the event looking specifically for a sports or music organization.  

While he said he wanted to join a music-focused organization to learn more about producing music, McIntyre added that the club also created a great atmosphere to meet new people and hang out with friends.  

Ikem Okeke, a freshman majoring in biology, said he came to the event to find a basketball club. He said he has been going to the Student Recreation Center to play in groups because “it’s an easy way to build a bond over a sport.”   

“I used to be in a lot of things in middle school, and in high school kind of simmered down [and] didn’t do as much because I want to focus on education,” Okeke said. “Now I’m back to just discovering myself.”  

While freshmen are a large part of the event, returning students also attend the event to explore more aspects of campus life.  

Thursday’s event was still a great way to meet people and see other clubs, according to Jacob DeLuca. DeLuca, a sophomore majoring in economics, said the experience was richer upon revisiting the event because he knows more about campus than he did as a freshman. 

Although Avery Moorman, a junior majoring in marketing, was looking for a dog-centered organization, she enjoys coming to the event to see the new groups on campus.  

“I just like seeing everyone so passionate about their clubs,” Moorman said. “Everyone has a story to tell with their own clubs and why they’re there.”  

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