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A walk down memory lane: The sports desk’s favorite Saban moments

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Former Alabama head coach Nick Saban celebrates winning the 2017 National Championship with the team.

Seventeen years of former head coach Nick Saban’s career were spent at The University of Alabama, and along with them are iconic moments that will stick with fans forever. We asked some of the members of The Crimson White sports desk what their all-time favorite Saban moments were, and their answers did not disappoint.  

Several students who currently attend the University included Saban’s presence in their decision-making process, and as some of us were toddlers when he was hired, we grew up watching him. Contributing writer Theodore Fernandez falls under this category and recalls his moment when Saban went from average to untouchable in the eyes of college football.  

“2017 national championship was it for me. Tua comes in and immediately turns that game around. It hit me that Nick Saban was not human,” Fernandez said. “This man is on another level, and you could never at any point expect this man to lose a football game. That was the point where Saban went from just a really, really good coach to the best football coach I have ever seen.” 

On the other hand, there are those who didn’t have a childhood dominated by SEC football and only heard of the GOAT after stepping on campus, like staff writer Courtney Larrimore. 

“So, my family isn’t really a football family, and since I’m from Maryland we definitely weren’t watching Alabama football,” Larrimore said. “When I first applied to Alabama I more or less knew Nick Saban as that guy that played LSU’s coach in ‘The Blindside’ and never thought a whole lot about it. But when I came here to tour, we were on the bus and my tour guide said, ‘We’re going past football’s training facility, and if you look down there you’ll see Nick Saban’s Mercedes … which is currently parked illegally but no one cares ’cause it’s Saban.’ And that coupled with seeing Bryant-Denny and Mal M. Moore [Athletic Facility] was when I kind of realized how special he was and how special he made this school. There are so many other college coaches who would’ve been legends in their own right, if their careers didn’t overlap with Saban’s and I think that just shows the dynasty he is leaving behind and the legacy of which he’s built.” 

Although these favorite moments have been predominantly about Nick Saban, his better half, Terry Saban, known affectionately as “Miss Terry,” has continually captured the hearts of Alabama fans, as she did with contributing writer Henry Sklar.  

“This was right after this year’s Iron Bowl. It was really crazy; I was on the field for the fourth and 31catch, then we went to the press room and by this time it was pretty packed and there were only two chairs left,” Sklar said. “We sit down, and I look next to me and it’s Miss Terry sitting right beside me. I was freaking out and shaking, and Saban came in and I will always remember how excited she was. She was clapping and cheering, and it shows how much of a connection those two have and small moments like that definitely will be missed.” 

Every experience with the former head coach is unique, as some fans have only ever seen him on a screen while others have almost come face to face with him, as contributing writer Joseph Groger almost did.  

“In sophomore year, I was in the Million Dollar Band and we were at the Iron Bowl in Auburn,” Groger said. “During the drive to tie the game and all through overtime, I’ll never forget the excitement and confusion about overtime rules, and when Alabama won, the reaction in the band was something I’ll never forget.” 

For a man who has brought smiles to so many people across the country and even around the world, it is rare to see a genuine Saban smile. But staff writer Orry Cantrell remembers one of the times he’s seen Saban the happiest. 

“My favorite Saban memory is him running onto the field after we won the natty on second and 26,” Cantrell said. “His postgame speech was really touching too. The joy on his face, it’s rare that we ever see him that happy.” 


And finally, at 72 years old, Saban has still got it, as staff writer Manisha Ramachandran’s favorite moment of his was from this past football season. 

“When he told us before the Tennessee game that the fans create the momentum and to show up and be loud. Since it was such a huge rivalry, and we were looking for the win, it was an intense watch and was an amazing experience to be there,” Ramachandran said. “Especially coming from the north, there’s nothing like Alabama football near home.” 

Although Saban’s time with Alabama has come to an end, he will never be forgotten as one of the greatest coaches in football history. His impact on the University will last forever.  

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