CJ Pearson resigns from SGA; plans move to Los Angeles

Kayla Solino, Assistant News Editor

The University of Alabama Student Government Association Speaker of the Senate and Culverhouse College of Business Sen. CJ Pearson has resigned from his positions in the organization, effective at the end of the month.  

Pearson is a popular conservative commentator who frequently shares his views across his social media platforms. He has been featured in several podcasts, television news broadcasts and news articles. Pearson is the host of his own podcast, The CJ Pearson Show.  

The Crimson White received a tip on Oct. 24 that Pearson will be stepping down from his roles to pursue a job opportunity in California.  

Pearson confirmed that he will be leaving his positions within SGA and relocating.  

“I am going to be relocating to Los Angeles for a new job opportunity. But as far as what that is yet, there’s been no announcement,” Pearson said.  

On Oct. 19, the Elections Board released a press statement to The CW detailing that a second Fall 2022 SGA Special Election is scheduled for Nov. 17. The release said that open positions on the ballot included one Senate seat for the Culverhouse College of Business and one Senate seat for the School of Social Work. 

SGA Press Secretary Trinity Hunter confirmed on Oct. 20 that Sarah Pierce was leaving her social work seat, but would not confirm which Culverhouse senator was leaving.  

“Out of respect for the student involved, we are allowing them the time to make necessary arrangements before proceeding with any announcement,” Hunter told The CW last week.  

Pearson said in a statement to The CW that he was honored to serve as a member of UA SGA and is grateful for the opportunity.   

“Serving as a member of the University of Alabama Student Government Association has been the honor of a lifetime. From having the opportunity to serve as Speaker Of The Senate to working to provide free feminine products on our campus, tackle food insecurity, and introduce common sense solutions to the issues facing our campus, I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish as a body,” Pearson said. “While this chapter closes and a new one opens, I will forever be grateful for the people I’ve met along the way.”  

Pearson has not made an announcement of his departure or new role public, but on Oct. 4, Pearson posted a photo of himself on Instagram with the caption “Out West. Stay Tuned.” tagging Los Angeles, California, as the location.  

Pearson said there has been much speculation around his new role.  

“As far as what that role is and all in LA, there’s a lot of speculation, but as far as that goes, there hasn’t been any announcement about that yet,” Pearson said.  

On Oct. 18, SGA president Madeline Martin called to order a special session of the Senate for this Thursday, Oct. 27, to consider the Financial Affairs Committee’s funding requests. A docket for the upcoming Senate session has not been disseminated to The CW yet and it remains unclear what other legislation, if any, may appear on the docket.  

Hunter said that SGA will be announcing changes in the Senate soon. 

“Speaker CJ Pearson has made the decision to step away from his time at The University of Alabama and pursue an opportunity in California. More information about resulting shifts in the Senate will be confirmed and shared in the coming days,” Hunter said.