Your View: Roe v. Wade

Bhavana Ravala, Editor in Chief

On Friday, the Supreme Court overturned the landmark case Roe v. Wade. The following day, The Crimson White posted a survey on social media seeking submissions from current UA students, faculty and staff to share their responses to the court’s decision.  

Overall, the survey received a total of 271 responses. The survey respondents included 244 undergraduate students, 25 graduate students, one faculty member, and one staff member.  

The survey results are listed below. 

217 respondents said they disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision, 50 said they agree, and four said they were unsure.  

CW / Bhavana Ravala

213 respondents said they are pro-choice, 31 said they are pro-life without exception, 25 said they are pro-life with exception, and two said they are unsure.  

CW / Bhavana Ravala

137 respondents said they are unsure about UA support and resources for pregnant students, 110 said support and resources are insufficient, 23 said they are sufficient, and one did not answer.  

CW / Bhavana Ravala

In addition to the multiple-choice questions above, 106 respondents chose to write in an additional response. The ideas that were repeated by more than one respondent are paraphrased below.  

  • 16 responses said the University should release a statement about the decision and increase/publicize resources for female and pregnant students. 
  • 13 responses said that access to abortion is an issue of bodily autonomy.  
  • 12 responses said they felt scared or terrified of the consequences of overturning Roe.  
  • 10 responses said the decision to overturn Roe and pro-life arguments are based on Christianity. 
  • 9 responses said same-sex marriages and relationships are potentially vulnerable post-Roe. 
  • 8 responses said abortion is healthcare.  
  • 7 responses said access to birth control and contraceptives is potentially vulnerable post-Roe.  
  • 7 responses said the foster care system needs to be improved.  
  • 6 responses said letting states decide abortion is the correct call from a Constitutional standpoint. 
  • 5 responses said abortion is ending a human life.  
  • 3 responses said addressing issues such as school shootings, police brutality, and queerphobia should be more of a priority to pro-life advocates than banning abortion.  
  • 3 responses said overturning Roe v. Wade will end safe abortions. 
  • 3 responses said sexual activity should decrease to avoid the need for abortion access. 
  • 2 responses said overturning Roe v. Wade will disproportionately affect women of color.  
  • 2 responses said the Machine and secret societies on campus contribute to the pro-life agenda.  

More statements from student interviews and campus organizations reacting to the decision can be accessed here