Homecoming task force extends deadline for student survey


Ainsley Platt, Staff Reporter

The deadline to fill out the Homecoming Queen Task Force’s survey to gather student opinions on the homecoming selection process has been extended from April 13 to April 15.

Former VP for Student Life Myron Pope announced the creation of the taskforce in October to draft a new system for selecting homecoming queens in the future. Pope developed the group after last semester’s homecoming election revealed discrepancies with the rules. 

“The Homecoming Task Force is very excited to have sent out the Homecoming Survey in last week’s UA News campus wide email,” task force chairman John Richardson said in a statement. “Within this form there are a few simple questions about the homecoming queen selection process, as well as space for students to voice their thoughts about Homecoming overall.”

Sarah Shield, one of 11 student members of the task force, criticized the task force’s decision to make their meetings closed to the public.

“It was very frustrating to me to see that it was hidden in a UA News email and has received no publicity at all,” Shield said. 

Richardson said he blamed himself for the lack of attention on the survey, which was promoted in an April 6 Inside UA newsletter. Shield said its relative obscurity within the email made it so that even members of the task force did not know it had been sent out.

Students who wish to fill out the survey have until 11:59 p.m. on April 15 to complete it.