SGA introduces online viewing option for meeting attendees

Kayla Solino | @kaylasolino, Staff Reporter

The Student Government Association passed a bill to allow online audio and video platform participation in Senate meetings. 

The approved bill requires a link for virtual participation in Senate meetings over an audio/video platform. The link would be posted to the SGA website homepage at least an hour before the meeting.

The Senate unanimously passed the legislation authored by Sen. Justin McCleskey.

“I’m actually really impressed that it passed,” McCleskey said. 

McCleskey highlighted three primary benefits, including expanding on-campus accessibility for those who can’t in person and reaching Bama by Distance and graduate students. 

His initial idea for the legislation came after a presentation with the Graduate Student Association, where members pointed out that distance learners miss out on SGA proceedings. 

“I think this gives a lot more room for students to be able to talk at the meetings. … I definitely think it will help a lot of people who are nervous to show up in front of 50 extremely aggressive senators,” McCleskey said. “I think it’ll have effects that weren’t really expected, that should really help with representation.” 

Press secretary Olivia Davis said the SGA promotes accessibility at its meetings. 

“The SGA works hard to ensure senate meetings are accessible for all students, as these meetings are designed to give students a direct outlet to voice their opinions before senators,” Davis said.