SGA approves 75% of requested funding for 11 student organizations

Ty Boyle and Alex Gravlee

The Student Government Association Senate awarded 75% of requested funding — or $35,000 — to 11 student organizations on Thursday in its first funding approval of the semester. The Senate’s vote followed approval from the Financial Affairs Committee.

This was the SGA’s first vote on student organization funding since the Senate reduced funding caps from $10,000 to $7,500 per organization on Sept. 2. 

The FAC provides funding for student organizations to facilitate out-of-classroom learning and engagement through events, travel and projects. Its 2021-22 schedule can be found on the SGA website. Requests are reviewed by FAC on a rolling basis for a 60-day funding period.

Five of the 11 organizations that received funding on Thursday serve racial or ethnic minority students, including the Saudi Student Association, the Nepalese Student Association, the Future Black Law Students Association, the Iranian Student Association and the Afro American Gospel Choir. The funding for these organizations totaled about $12,200. 

“We’re really proud of this,” SGA Vice President for Financial Affairs Sullivan Irvine said. “We’re proud of every single financial award that we’ve given student organizations and how it exemplifies our mission of serving the student body.” 

Bama Racing, the Alabama Rocketry Association and the UA Vedic Society also received $14,200 for equipment and supplies. 

“FAC funding is a prime example of our commitment to serving students,” SGA Press Secretary Olivia Davis said.