Gotcha Bikes make their debut on campus


CW / Sam Flowers

Gerardo Aguilera | @jerry21aguilera, Contributing Writer

A new way to get around campus has been introduced to the University of Alabama.

Gotcha, a company that specializes in electronic bikes, scooters, rides and trikes, has partnered with the University of Alabama for an environmentally friendly way to get around.

The company has introduced a product called e-bikes, which is intended to be a cost-friendly way for students, faculty, staff and visitors to travel around campus. The University now has 70 mobility hubs with 150 bikes dotted around its campus. 

“The program serves as a means of transportation, and it promotes an active lifestyle,” Chris D’Esposito, director of transportation services for The University of Alabama said in a press release. “We are extremely pleased that Gotcha brings a new, cost-effective mobility option to our campus community.”

The new e-bikes are available to users by monthly payments of $6.99, or the pay-as-you-go at $2 to unlock and 10 cents per minute, which, to put it into college student terms, is cheaper than Netflix.

To use the new e-bikes or to locate a hub near you, download the Gotcha App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The bikes were also a product of a partnership with the Student Government Association. 

“The Student Government Association is pleased to partner with Gotcha and the University’s Transportation Services to provide e-bike usage to students, faculty, staff and visitors alike. We look forward to seeing the campus benefit in the future,” said SGA Press Secretary Jackson Fuentes. 

The e-bikes are prohibited to use outside of the University of Alabama campus. Gotcha encourages the use of helmets and riders must follow all applicable laws at all times while riding the e-bikes.