Quincey Gary leads team with calm presence


CW/ Joe Will Field

James Benedetto, Sports Editor

Every time she steps out on the floor, senior volleyball player Quincey Gary carries two messages with her, one on each sneaker.

The first message, written on a band on wrapped around her shoe, says “Humble over Hype.”

“It means ‘hype enough to know I am great but humble enough to know that He is greater,’” Gary said. “It’s something that reminds me of my faith, and that’s really important to me.”

Second is the “Finish Strong” band. This motto has stuck with her since high school.

“I wear it since it is my last year, and it reminds to literally finish strong. It also reminds me to make sure I am impacting and encouraging my teammates,” Gary said.

The senior impacts her team with her calming leadership presence. Whether the team is ahead or behind, Gary continues to encourage teammates by bringing a lot of energy on the floor.

“[Gary] is more in tune with other players,” coach Ed Allen said. “She’s working hard at trying to branch out and be a good leader and a vocal leader and pay attention to what other people are doing and how to help those people. She’s been fairly consistent as a defender and as a passer.”

Gary started five games as a freshman and saw playing time in 27 out of 32 matches. Three years later, Gary now leads the current roster with 107 career games played.

“I think she understands what the expectations are and trying to hold players accountable,” Allen said. “We have a fairly mindful group of kids, which means that is not always easy to be able to manage as a player. Between her and Cece [Hall], they’ve done a good job with reiterating and expecting certain things from players.”

Gary’s passion for the game is evident. Outside of bringing energy to the floor, Gary has also been key in helping develop players like sophomore Kaylee Thomas. Since SEC play started, Thomas has started at libero, a position at which Quincey has started this season as well.

“She’s been positive with me and keeping energy on the court,” Thomas said. “There are times where I will be frustrated with my pass or my defense, and she’s been there in my ear telling me that she knows I can play well so I need to know I can play well.”

The Alexandria, Indiana native is also making an impact on the Alabama record books. Gary is now fifth all-time in career digs with 1,206. She is eighth all-time with career digs per set with 3.04.

“It means a lot to me,” Gary said. “I played with two of the girls who are second and third all-time. Playing with them and knowing what they stood for and just to be mentioned along with those great names is such a huge honor. It was a goal of mine when I was a freshman to be up towards the top of those records, so to be up there and actually having my name up there is amazing.”

Allen has now coached three players who reside in the top five for career digs, solidifying Gary’s career for the Crimson Tide.

“It’s nice to see any kid in the top five as it relates to what they do and specialize in,” Allen said. “She’s a kid that has worked hard in the three and a half years that she has been here with us.”