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Top songs to kick off summer 2024

Courtesy of Post Malone
“I Had Some Help” by Post Malone and Morgan Wallen has topped the Billboard charts at the beginning of the summer.

Every year, the daunting question, “What is the song of the summer?” plagues the minds of many. Not to worry, however — the Billboard “Songs of the Summer” list helps answer that challenging question. 

Featuring chart-topping tracks from popular artists like Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar and Hozier, many songs on the list have soared in popularity throughout the internet. From rootsy Americana to bubblegum pop to hip-hop diss tracks, each song offers special memories waiting to happen.

1. I Had Some Help, by Post Malone and Morgan Wallen

Two notorious megastars, Post Malone and Morgan Wallen, collaborate on this pop-country single. “I Had Some Help” is manufactured for Bluetooth speakers on boat docks on the Fourth of July. The duo sings, “Teamwork makes the dreamwork” at the end of each chorus, which certainly applies to Wallen and Post Malone’s exceptional vocal chemistry. Post Malone announced his upcoming album “F-1 Trillion,” which will include the single, to be released August 16. 

2. A Bar Song (Tipsy), by Shaboozey

Shaboozey delivers an intense track accompanied by a fiddle, stomp-claps and multiple autotuned interpolations of J-Kwon’s “Tipsy – Club Mix.” “This 9 to 5 ain’t workin’, why the hell do I work so hard,” he sings with a pseudo-twang. This song acts as a  decompression after a tedious and tiring day at work.

3. Million Dollar Baby, by Tommy Richman

Richman has a sound of pleading when he sings, “‘Cause I wanna make it.” It seems he made it big. “Million Dollar Baby” has spent three weeks on the charts, two of which have been at the No. 2 spot. 

Though the song lacks strong musical direction, the mumbled falsetto vocals and production reminiscent of Portland rapper Amine’s hit “Caroline” are solid ingredients for summer parties.

4. Not Like Us, by Kendrick Lamar

Acclaimed MC and Pulitzer Prize awardee Kendrick Lamar released a third diss track directed toward pop music superstar Drake. Lamar does not jab when he fights; he attacks with no remorse. Drake and Lamar both released attacks on May 3, but Lamar doubled down the next day with “Not Like Us” and seemingly concluded the rap clash.   

5. Espresso, by Sabrina Carpenter

“Espresso” is only the surface of Sabrina Carpenter’s hit-making abilities. This sugary single sounds like the sister to Doja Cat’s “Say So.” The song is full of euphemisms and charisma, with one of the catchiest verse melodies released this year. The track is too short-lived for fulfillment, but it’s long enough to make you want more.

6. Too Sweet, by Hozier

It is safe to say Hozier is no longer the “Take Me to Church” guy. “Too Sweet” explains to a lover that infatuation does not equal compatibility. As usual, the Irish singer-songwriter’s vocals are abundant and effortless. He doesn’t offer the complexities of his previous work, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

7. Lose Control, by Teddy Swims

Teddy Swims’ gravelly vocals are captivating and demand attention. “Lose Control” sounds like Chris Stapleton covering an Adele song. Artists have written and replicated songs like this countless times, but they have on occasion endured the ever-shifting musical trends and become instant classics.

8. Beautiful Things, by Benson Boone 

Benson Boone, who was discovered in 2021 by Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds,  delivers a chart-topping hit that prematurely grieves the loss of the one he loves. The chorus is intentionally climactic, seeking to evoke a visceral and emotional reaction from the listener. More than anything, Boone seeks to use the drama to emphasize his sincerity.

9. Pink Skies, by Zach Bryan

“Pink Skies” is a heartfelt tribute, evoking the most cherished memories with the departed. 

Bryan does not flaunt his musical skill. Like most of his predecessors, he writes stories rather than music. Rarely do tracks as popular as this single present themselves as earnestly and down-to-earth, but Bryan’s authenticity is hard to deny.

10. BIRDS OF A FEATHER, by Billie Eilish

On her newest album, “HIT ME HARD AND SOFT,” Billie Eilish sounds more mature than ever. “BIRDS OF A FEATHER” is an earnest, delicate oath never to leave the one she loves. Eilish’s lush, reverberated vocals sound faint and distant, but the gap is closed when she sings, “If you go, I’m going too.” 

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