UA C&IS students’ experiences working the 2022 World Games


Courtesy of Chandra Clark

(Left to right): Maxwell Donaldson, Jacyn Abbott, Martha Glen Sease, Dr. Chandra Clark, Wynter Rudolph, Dom Taylor.

Olivia Harvey, Contributing Writer

The World Games are an international multi-sport event designed to showcase different sporting events that are not competed in the Olympic Games. This year, the World Games are set in Birmingham, Alabama. It is the first time since 1981 that the event has been held in the United States. 

Several College of Communication and Information Sciences students from The University of Alabama have had the opportunity to cover the games. 

“An opportunity like this only comes once in a lifetime,” said Dom Taylor, a second-year master student studying journalism at the University. 

He said he is ecstatic to have a chance like this to do what he loves and gain experience. 

“I doubt a worldwide sporting event will occur within driving distance of me again, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to represent UA while covering unique sports rarely seen in this country,” Taylor said. 

Many new and unique sports are competed live for everyone to watch, and Taylor said he is most excited to see sumo wrestling, as it is one of the martial arts that is rarely ever showcased. 

“It is such a different type of combat sport than we are used to seeing,” Taylor said.  

Sumo wrestling is just one of the sports seen over the 11-day period, along with many others which include breaking, archery, lacrosse and even drone racing.  

Newly graduated Jacyn Abbott had the chance to interview two athletes that are drone pilots in this year’s games. 

“One was Killian Rousseau,” Abbott said. “He’s from France and one of the youngest pilots competing, which is so cool. The other is Luisa Rizzo. She is from Italy and serves as an inspiration to young women and those with disabilities, as she is in a wheelchair.”  

Chloe Walrad, a junior and the technical director for in-venue experience at Crossplex, mentioned that the World Games are more than just sports and explains what the audience can look forward to while watching. 

“People can look forward to seeing something different and learning about the different cultures and customs,” Walrad said. 

The World Games have brought together more than 3,600 athletes from 100 countries around the globe and have given them a chance to compete and bring exposure to these distinctive sports.  

UA junior Maxwell Donaldson has his own opinion on the most important aspect of the World Games. 

“The unity that the games can bring between athletes and fans of different countries and backgrounds is the most important aspect to me,” Donaldson said. 

The games have become an event that honors friendship and union across different boundaries and an opportunity to keep the traditional values of all the exclusive sports. The World Games have been an impactful event for the College of Communication and Information Sciences students and have given them the experience of a lifetime, especially considering it is in UA’s backyard.