Benedetta Moresco leads women’s golf to victory in final fall tournament

Haley Taylor, Contributing Writer

The Alabama women’s golf team finished the fall season in spectacular fashion, winning The Ally at Old Waverly Golf Club. 

Alabama sealed their victory on Oct. 27. The Crimson Tide recorded 9-under-par 279 for the final round. They finished with a 22-under-par 842 total.

The Mississippi-based tournament started Oct. 25 and ran until Oct. 27. The Ally featured 11 teams, including No. 14 Alabama. 

The lineup for the tournament included sophomore Benedetta Moresco, fifth-year student Polly Mack, graduate student Angelica Moresco, freshman Isabella van der Biest, juniors Sarah Edwards and Emilie Øverås, and senior Carolina Caminoli. 

Benedetta Moresco ranked first in the tournament. She led the team after hitting 10 birdies and cruising to a 9-under-par 63 on the first 18 holes. 

Angelica Moresco ended the first round of golf sixth in the tournament after putting up a 3-under-par 69 performance. 

Mack, van der Biest, Øverås and Edwards all ranked in the top 50. Caminoli put up a 13-over-par 85 showing to end the first day at 71st.

On day two of the tournament, the team furthered its lead with a 3-under-par 563 performance for a 13-under-par 563 total. 

Benedetta Moresco’s impressive performance continued. She broke a school record after having the lowest total after 36 holes. Moresco put in a 15-under-par 129 performance.

Alabama head coach Mic Potter praised Benedetta Moresco’s composure after the tournament. 

“The thing I love about her is she is the same no matter the situation,” Potter said. “She treats each shot with the respect it deserves and to the best of her ability, no matter where she stands relative to par or relative to the field.” 

Mack and Angelica Moresco cracked the top 20, performing 1-under-par 143 and even-par 144 respectively. Van der Biest finished tied for 25th with 2-over-par 146. She was on the hunt for her first top-20 appearance. 

Øverås climbed the leaderboard over 10 spots, finishing the second round with six birdies for a 1-over-par 73. Edwards and Caminoli finished 55th and 69th respectively.

Benedetta Moresco earned her first individual title of the season. She finished the tournament 19-under-par 197. She collected 24 birdies throughout the tournament while recording two of the best rounds of her career.

Edwards also shined on the last day by recording eight birdies. She finished tied for 20th overall with a 2-over-par 218 score. Mack put up a 1-under-par 215, tied for 15th place.

Angelica Moresco finished the tournament with a score of 3-under-par 69. She finished tied for 23rd along with Biest. Biest finished 3-over-par 219. 

Øverås and Caminoli finished the tournament tied for 32nd and 69th respectively. 

The Crimson Tide’s next tournament will be in February at the Moon Golf Invitational.

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