‘The Advantage’: UA student-athletes to benefit from name, image, likeness

Robert Cortez, Assistant Sports Editor

For years, people have debated whether collegiate student-athletes should be able to profit from use of their name, image and likeness. On June 28, the NCAA approved an interim policy, which will allow student-athletes to earn money from sponsorships, endorsements and more. 

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled last week that student-athletes can receive compensation from the use of their NIL. 

“Given the current circumstances of the name, image, and likeness of the national landscape, I support the passage of HB404 in its present form because of the competitive opportunities it should offer to student-athletes in the state,” Athletic Director Grerg Byrne wrote in a statement this spring.

Alabama is one of 10 states to allow student-athletes to receive compensation as early as July 1. Fourteen other states have signed similar bills into law, but student-athletes in those states won’t benefit yet.

On Tuesday, June 29, Byrne and the Athletics Department released guidelines regarding compensation based on a student-athlete’s NIL. The University of Alabama’s program to help students receive compensation is called “The Advantage.”

The Advantage prohibits UA employees from arranging compensation deals for a current or prospective student-athlete, and compensation can not be provided in exchange for athletic performance or attendance at the University. 

Compensation under the University’s policy can come in the form of money, goods or services. 

The duration of a student-athlete’s NIL contract may not extend beyond their participation in the UA intercollegiate athletics program. 

“[The University] will have a robust program to educate student-athletes in how to maximize the use of their NIL for compensation, as well as understanding associated issues,” The Advantage website said. 

Several UA student-athletes have  posted on social media about The Advantage to spread the word of their ability to receive compensation beginning July 1.