Wilson seeks to boost involvement as VP


William Evans

David Wilson loves to socialize.


Wilson will balance between students’ concerns and the duties of his office if elected to be the Student Government Association’s vice president of student affairs in the upcoming SGA election.

The stewardship of older students influenced his decision to undertake a meaningful college career in the SGA, he said.

“When a door is closed, it’s important to have someone to show you the way to another door to open,” he said.

If elected, Wilson said he would encourage upperclassmen to connect freshmen with outlets of student involvement available on campus if their first pick does not pan out.

The freshman year experience is a defining moment for students at the University, he said.

“The key is doing something different from the past 18 years,” he said. “If people are not engaged, then we need to find a way to help them become engaged.”

Campus life should be seen as an opportunity for students to exit their comfort zones and bring their ideas into fruition, he said.

“I know what it feels like to feel that you’re a part of the campus,” he said. “To feel like the campus is your home, to be relaxed and at ease and to be safe but passionate and excited. The campus is an adventure and a safe place.”

For SGA members in particular, Wilson said he wants to initiate ‘ground-up’ projects that arise from within the SGA and are coordinated by its members, such as concerts and events that can benefit the student body.

He said tackling campus-wide issues such as parking, housing and residential Internet quality would require the assistance of departments staffed by University officials, which he would collaborate with upon assuming office if elected.

Information concerning University calendar events, athletic events and campus maps could be more easily searched with the introduction of a new mobile application for smartphones, he said. He also plans to work with the information technology department to bring the mobile application to UA students.

Wilson wants to strengthen the efforts of the Freshmen Mentoring Program that adjusts students to the demands and opportunities of college life, he said. He will also encourage the introduction of new dining opportunities to be opened on campus.

Student organization seating in Bryant-Denny Stadium should be awarded to organizations on the basis of merit, he said.

“The student organization seating should be as fair as possible,” he said. “It needs to be as diverse as possible […] but I don’t believe in handouts.”

The awarding of sections of student organization seating has improved under the current SGA administration, and he added he wants to draw a clear distinction between the responsibilities of the SGA and student organizations.

Although student organizations should rely upon The SOURCE for self-improvement, the SGA should be vigilant to respond to the calls of student organizations to bring about positive changes to campus life, he said.

“Student government should be there to advocate for changes that when changed will better help student organizations to thrive and do their job,” he said.