Local store offers CBD products to help reduce pain


CW/ Kinsley Centers

Kinsley Centers, Contributing Writer

Living a holistic lifestyle has been a common trend so far in 2019. People are now using natural products that contain cannabidiol (CBD) to help reduce pain or for other health reasons.

The CBD Store of Northport originally opened June 1, 2018 but closed the following October. However, the business is back up and running as of Dec. 20, 2018, after President Donald Trump signed a farm bill that made industrial hemp a “lawful agricultural commodity,” according to the Tuscaloosa News.

The store offers various styles of CBD products such as water solubles, capsules, edibles, skin care, tinctures, vape options and even pet products. These plant-based products are natural, organic and non-GMO. Customers must be 19 or older to purchase products.

“CBD is a cannabinoid, all of our products that we have here are derived from industrialized hemp and we have zero percent THC in all of our products,” said store manager Courtney Garner. “THC is the compound that gives people the psychoactive affect you know when they use the plant. So we have just taken that out of there, and what you’re left with are the compounds and the terpenes from the plant that could have medicinal benefits.”

The goal of these all-natural products is to allow customers relief from inflammation or pain. Garner promotes natural healing as the best healing.

The CBD store has had customers come in searching for products that will help with their digestive issues, migraines or arthritis. Garner said they have received a lot of feedback from customers who have tried products to help with issues such as anxiety, depression and PTSD.

“It works directly with our endocannabinoid system and that’s our largest receptor system in our bodies and it helps permit homeostasis within us,” Garner said. “Which is just our bodies’ way of keeping things regular.”

Customers who are searching for healing options for their skin can find products at the store. The store offers products such as lotions, collagen face cream and bath bombs.

“CBD is really good for your skin,” Garner said “We’ve had really good results for people that have like eczema, psoriasis, rozatia, acne, things like that.”

Garner said the store does not want to give anybody false hope when buying the products, and she cannot guarantee products will cure whatever issue the customer is facing.

“We definitely let people know that this isn’t a cure,” Garner said. “It’s to help with symptoms that kind of help our body try to fix itself.”

The store has received positive feedback from customers thus far. However, everyone’s bodies work differently, and Garner said users may have to try different kinds of products to see what is best for them.

“Most people kind of have figure out what’s going to be best for them, but I mean it is true, we cannot give a guarantee to anybody and that’s actually part of the law as well,” Garner said.

Garner said the store has a strong customer base, and they strive to build relationships with its customers. She takes it as an award when customers return and tell her their positive stories after using CBD products.

The CBD Store of Northport promotes natural healing and recommends customers to talk with their doctor before use.

“We never discourage people from taking things that are prescribed to them,” Garner said.

Garner said they prioritize education and take the time to share knowledge with customers. They are sure to tell users what exactly they are putting into their bodies with hopes it will benefit them.

“We just want people to be educated about it and know what they’re putting into their body and to get rid of the stigma,” Garner said.

Colten Robertson, a junior majoring in criminal justice, has used CBD products before to help moderate his blood sugar and help his social anxiety. He is a sales associate at the The CBD Store of Northport and is thankful to share his story with using CBD products as well as hearing the customers’ stories.

“I really like to incorporate customer testimonials and what people have said to me when they’ve come back and they’ve told us how it has helped them,” Robertson said.

Robertson said he does not think this is just a trend; he believes it will stick around for quite some time. He said CBD is beneficial, and he wants more people to realize all the health benefits it provides.

Kaitlyn Esteppe, a senior majoring in nursing, has not used any CBD products. She believes people need to avoid self-medication and advises people who do consider using these products to speak with their doctor before use.

“I think when it’s prescribed, and it’s prescribed by a knowledgeable physician to a patient who will treat it properly, I don’t think it’s a problem, but I think the big issue is self-medicating,” Esteppe said.

Esteppe said she believes this is a fad and people need to understand that there is a reason for prescription drugs.

“It might help some things, but it’s really not going to help in the long run,” Esteppe said. “There is a reason prescriptions exist, and they’re very much needed in the world.”