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Acoustic rock singer-songwriter Bryan Bielanski to perform in Birmingham for Independence Day weekend

Courtesy of Bryan Bielanski
Bryan Bielanski is a rock musician who will be performing at the Cahaba Brewing Company in Birmingham.

Bryan Bielanski, a musician who describes himself as a “kid born to Nirvana and the Beatles,” is performing live at the Cahaba Brewing Company in Birmingham at noon July 6. 

Bielanski is an acoustic rock singer-songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina, who has been playing shows since he was a teenager. He described his music as a blend of rock, country and folk.  The Beatles also highly influenced his music, and his favorite song of theirs is “In My Life.”   

“I like my concerts to just be a break from whatever trouble or stress that people might be going through,” Bielanski said.

His most recent album, “Bryan’s Super Happy Fun Time, Vol. 3,” compiles songs inspired by his travels, love and pop culture. The name of the album comes from his desire to spread the message of thankfulness and kindness. 

“There are a lot of problems, but if everybody took time to be thankful for the things they have and took some time to show kindness to other people, then the whole world would be a better place,” Bielanski said.

The album includes “Rock the Library U.S.A.,” a fun, catchy solo that Bielanski said is his favorite thing he has produced.

Bielanski’s main motivation behind performing is to connect with people and meet his audience, which he said is attracted to the energy and the intensity of his rock-heavy music. 

“There’s no substitute for a personal connection you can make with people in person,” Bielanski said.

His favorite performance has been the Thanksgiving Parade in his hometown, which Bielanski said had 130,000 people in attendance.

“[It was] by far the biggest crowd I’ve ever played to, and I was actually on a float with some animatronic dinosaurs. So that was quite the interesting show. I certainly like to find something very special and very unique about each and every show,” Bielanski said.

In all, he has performed in Europe, Asia, Central America and throughout the United States. 

As a musician whose album “United States of Angwish” reached No. 89 on the weighted CMJ charts, Bielanski’s advice to new artists was pretty straightforward: Work hard and don’t give up.

“Stay positive no matter what. If anybody is rude to you or says they don’t like your music, do not let that deter you, because not everybody is going to like what you do all the time,” Bielanski said.

Tickets to the show can be found on Bielanski’s website.

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