Encore helps film majors gain experience through music

Encore provides opportunities for aspiring producers


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Kinsley Centers, Contributing Writer

Interning with Encore is less about making coffee and filing paperwork, and more about listening to great music and meeting talented musicians, all while gaining valuable experience.

Encore was created by Journalism and Creative Media students, JCM Instructor Teresa Gawrych and members of the Center for Public Television. It gives students hands-on experience in producing film while giving other students the opportunity to hear bands live from Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee.

Savannah Colbert, a senior double majoring in telecommunication and film, said she is thankful that the University offers a program such as Encore so students who are interested in production can get involved and gain experience.

“It’s really rare that like we as interns get to do this kind of stuff because normally in like our field of like production or whatever we’re like usually getting coffee and stuff,” Colbert said. “But we’re actually hands on doing all of the positions, directing, camera, everything.”

Recently Encore hosted Magnolia Bayou, a band from Gulfport, Mississippi.

Magnolia Bayou’s lead guitarist Dylan Palmiero founded the band four years ago with his friend Josh Estes who is now the bass player for the band. The two were in jazz band together in high school and often found themselves having jam sessions after class.

They grew the idea to form a band, and were then joined by Andrew Fulton, the vocalist and guitarist, and later Cedric Feazell, the drummer.

When preparing for a performance, Palmiero said it is important for them to get in the right headspace and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

According to Palmiero, it’s crucial for them to practice. They practice five to six times a week.

“Know what your strong sets are and your weaknesses and hone in on what you need to do,” Palmiero said.

Magnolia Bayou has had highlights in their careers such as sharing the stage with BISHOP GUNN and opening up for the Grammy Nominated Eli Young Band at HWY 30 Music Fest in Filer, Idaho.

However, Magnolia Bayou has faced hardships with lineup changes with drummers. Palmiero said they are in a good place now with the band. The core three, Palmiero, Estes and Fulton, have been together since the beginning.

“Keeping your head up and looking for the next big thing and keeping your eyes peeled on what’s important, which is the music and we never really lost sight of that,” Palmiero said.

In the end, Magnolia Bayou continues to play music they love while traveling around the country.

“We’re rolling a lot better than ever these days and I can say that things went well and we’re all happy right now,” Palmiero said.

They released their self titled, debut album “Magnolia Bayou by Magnolia Bayou” in May 2018 and it is available on all music platforms. The album was recorded in 2017 at the Music Shed Studios in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Encore produces a show at the end of each month that showcases bands, such as Magnolia Bayou, that play various types of genres to appeal to all students.

Gawrych is one of the executive producers of Encore and she assembles a group of students to produce a multi camera live production show. This allows them to gain experience and work together as a team to create a product they are proud of.

Students recruit bands by doing research and submitting reports with background information to nominate them to perform at Encore. This allows the students to get an understanding of each process it takes to produce a show.

Emily Kaplan, a junior double-majoring in telecommunication and film, was the associate producer of this show.

“Being a part of Encore is awesome because it’s helped me gain experience in not only producing but cameras, research aspects hopefully directing too,” Kaplan said. “It’s all student so we’re all learning together and we’re all in the same boat. I mean Magnolia Bayou is an amazing band so that was wild to do.”

Savannah Colbert has hopes that the Encore team will grow because they are in their first season. As times can be stressful, she is overall appreciative of the program.

“I would definitely say time can be our enemy sometimes, if the band is running late and we are on a tight schedule; that’s one of the main things we’ve struggled with,” Colbert said.

Chloe Gump, a senior majoring in marketing attended the Encore event. She heard of Magnolia Bayou from a friend a couple of weeks prior to the event.

“I thought they were a very great group and I enjoyed their show a lot,” Gump said.

She said she likes how they are all close friends. Her favorite part was the actual encore because she knew more about them from the interview segment. The band began to make their song more meaningful to the audience.

“I have never been in a studio setting like that but I really enjoyed it and it really took you behind the scenes and got you close to the band and whoever is playing,” Gump said. “I think Alabama does an incredible job with bringing students in and the whole experience.”

Magnolia Bayou encourages their audience to be engaged as any other band would while performing. They are looking forward to their upcoming tour in the southeastern and midwest states beginning March 1 through April 20.

“Don’t give up, you know, keep your head up if you ever get to a stump part in your career just keep working at it and practice everyday,” Palmiero said. “Don’t lose sight of what’s important. Don’t let outside influences ruin what you already established.”

For more information:

Website: https://www.magnoliabayou.com/

Facebook: Magnolia Bayou

Bandsintown profile: https://www.bandsintown.com/en/a/9820553-magnolia-bayou