Senate debates creating “opt out” tuition increase


Jackson Fuentes

The SGA Senate met on Thursday, March 1 to discuss a bill and two new acts including Senator Darby McQueen’s Act A-17 to establish a scholarship fund for Adapted Athletics. 

The act, which was sent to the Finance Committee, would direct the president to add three dollars to each student’s fall and spring semester bills while also including an “opt out” option for students to check if they do not wish to donate. 

McQueen, a senior majoring in social work, said the act would benefit Adapted Athletics students. 

“This act essentially would be giving them more scholarship funds, specifically for more recruitment,” McQueen said. “At this time they’re unable to recruit because… a lot of them are not from this state.”

Following McQueen’s speech, Senators raised questions regarding the billing of students on scholarship since the University would essentially would be billing themselves three dollars. McQueen said she had not entertained this question and would do more research into the matter. 

Additionally, in old business, Bill B-10, a bill to dissolve the Resolutions Committee, was reintroduced in front of the Senate and subsequently tabled by the Rules Committee. 

In new business, Act A-16, named the double-sided printing act, was introduced and sent to the Finance Committee.

Order of Events:

  1. Bill B-10 to dissolve the Resolutions Committee was reintroduced and subsequently tabled
  2. Act A-16 incentivizing double-sided printing was introduced and sent to the Finance Committee
  3. Act A-17 establishing a scholarship for Adapted Athletics was introduced and sent to the Finance Committee