ABC Board proposes price markups


Mike Finnegan

The revenue gained from the increased markup is expected to raise an additional $8.2 million, reports. Of this, $6 million will be allotted to district attorney offices throughout the state and the remaining $2.2 million will go to the unified court system.

Some, such as Republican Sen. Dick Brewbaker from Montgomery, who spoke to, are against the ABC increasing its markup because the power to tax lies only with the legislature. However, despite that the markup can function similarly to a tax, the two are distinctly different in legal and 
economic terms.

Nevertheless, the markup’s consequences of a higher price of alcohol to retail business is clear in how it could hurt small businesses. However, the higher price of booze would also act as a sin tax, thereby reducing the number alcohol-induced crimes, as executive director of the Alabama District Attorneys Association Barry Matson told

The period for public commentary will begin once the board has published the notice in the Alabama Legislative 
Reference Service.