Forever Crimson Night to take place Oct. 5

Nina Clevinger

The University of Alabama’s Homecoming Committee will join together with UA Blend to host the inaugural Forever Crimson Night on Monday, Oct. 5. One of the newest additions to Homecoming Week, the event will take place from 6-8 p.m. in Gorgas Library Room 205.

“UA Blend is a wonderful organization that is dedicated to breaking down barriers and establishing connections across our student body,” said Co-Director of Campus Outreach, Hannah Mancer. “Our greatest hope for the evening is to be able to combine the collective nature of UA Blend and the school spirit that comes with the week of Homecoming.”

The social event offers free food, more information about the upcoming Homecoming Week events, and an opportunity to meet more individuals on campus.

“This event is centered around people who aren’t in an organization,” said Maggie Clanton, Director of Communications for UA’s Homecoming committee. “We want them to feel included and to get involved in homecoming week.”

Students involved in an organization competing within the Crimson Division can receive up to 15 points per team by attending Forever Crimson Night, Mancer said.

“Our vision for this year’s Homecoming Week is to shift back to its foundational focus,” she said. “This year’s theme of Forever Crimson highlights that regardless of where all 36,000 of us end up, we all have the honor of sharing this foundation.”