SGA senate approves funding for suicide prevention training program

Nick Privitera

The SGA senate unanimously passed four bills at their meeting Thursday night.

The senate passed an act that allocates funding for a suicide prevention training program. This act comes in the wake of the death of Parker Jordan on Oct. 6.

Senator Tyler Portanova, a fraternity brother of Jordan, spoke in affirmation of the act.

“I feel like the majority of people know someone who has been affected by suicide, so I think this is something you can’t have enough of,” Portanova said.

The senate also passed a bill encouraging the office of research to consider more funding so that students will be able to attend more research conferences. This year only 18 out of 80 students who applied were able to attend a conference this year due to a lack of funds.

This bill would ask the research office to consider more funds so that all students would be able to participate.

Another act was passed by the senate which will provide funds to post information about available scholarships to students on financial aid. Senator Megan Wingbermuehle said the cost of higher education has increased drastically in the past decade, and it is the SGA’s responsibility to provide students with information which might help alleviate that cost.

The final resolution passed by the Senate congratulated all the new members of honor societies on their acceptance.

A resolution about equal opportunity for organizational seating was also tabled.

After the senate voted to reject President Elliot Spillers nomination Tuesday, the most recent meeting brought no indication as to who will be the next chief of staff.

Spillers cannot proceed with nominating other executive positions until the position of chief of staff is filled.