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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Students and faculty recognized during Honors Week

Award ceremonies, banquets and receptions will be held this week as Honors Week kicks off to recognize achievements by students and faculty at the University.

There will be events throughout the week for honor students, but the main day for awards and receptions will be on Friday, when classes have also been dismissed.

Many students said it is important that honor students are recognized by the University for their hard work and success.

Regan Stevens, a junior majoring in communications studies and theater said she thinks the Friday of Honors Week is a good idea.

“I think Honors Day is fair because those honors have to be presented to students at some point, and it is better to present awards without having to make those people miss class,” Stevens said. “Plus, for people receiving multiple awards, it is nice for their parents to be able to see it all on one day.”

Taylor Scruggs, president of the Coordinating Council of Honor Societies and a junior majoring in biology, said there will be several activities.

“Many societies hold inductions and tappings throughout the week for new members, as well as host receptions and ceremonies to honor both faculty and students for their accomplishments,” Scruggs said.

Caywood Coleman, a sophomore majoring in communication studies, said it helps students get motivated to work even harder.

“It is a way to acknowledge and appreciate students that give their all towards academic success,” Coleman said. “It serves the dual purpose of recognizing these students that strive for academic excellence, as well as motivating students that don’t get honored to give their all in order to get honored next year.”

Scruggs also said he thinks it’s important for all students to be involved and support one another.

“The entire week is very inspiring and helps to promote the ideals that help make the Capstone so unique and prestigious,” Scruggs said. “It is also very important to show support for our friends and colleagues during such an intriguing time.”

Other students said there can be certain ways that the school can promote Honors Week to teach more students about what goes on.

“The University could e-mail all the students at the beginning of the year to inform them of Honors Week and of the requirements to get honored,” Coleman said.

Stevens also supports using technology to reach the students at the University.

“I think that they could look at the school Web site and become more aware of the honors opportunities and honor societies that they can apply for if they want to be a part of it,” Stevens said.

Coleman said Honors Week is a great way for students to share what they have accomplished to others.

“Honors Day is a great way to recognize the academic achievements of the thousand prestigious students on campus at UA,” Coleman said. “As president of the freshman honor society Phi Eta Sigma, I think these acknowledging days are a necessity in continually encouraging college students to succeed.”

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