The NBA Draft and its Alabama hopefuls


CW / David Gray

Alabama basketball player Brandon Miller (#24) protecting the ball against LSU on January 14 at Coleman Coliseum in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Orry Cantrell, Contributing Writer

 The amount of talent on this past season’s Crimson Tide Basketball team is no secret to Alabama fans and definitely not to NBA scouts, and tonight, a few former Crimson Tide standouts will find out where they will continue their basketball journeys.  

 Brandon Miller 

Brandon Miller was a highly touted 2023 NBA prospect before he even arrived at Alabama. However, not everyone knew just how special he was until he dawned the crimson jersey. Miller immediately caught the attention of scouts with his incredible ability to score and make plays for his teammates.  

 However, his ability to hit from three so consistently will be his strongest attribute in a league where consistent 3-point shooting is a necessity to win games. 

 Projected by almost every analyst to be a top-three pick, Miller has worked out for the Charlotte Hornets and the Portland Trail Blazers, which possess the second and third picks respectively. Miller would be an interesting fit for either team, as well as a much-needed second or third option for either LaMelo Ball in Charlotte or Damian Lilliard in Portland.  

 However, there have been talks of multiple teams potentially trading up in the draft, so these two teams are not guaranteed landing spots for the SEC player of the year.  

 Noah Clowney 

Noah Clowney was a bit more under the radar heading into this past season than his teammate Miller, but was able to prove himself to scouts this year with his shot-blocking ability and athleticism for his size. Standing at 6 feet, 10 inches with a 7-foot-2-inch wingspan, Clowney is the perfect blueprint for a modern-day power forward in the NBA. If he adds a bit more size while working on his 3-point shot, he will have the potential to be a significant force on a winning team.  

 Analysts have Clowney falling somewhere toward the end of the first round and beginning of the second. He will fit best in an organization that will be dedicated to his development, and not in need of a “win now”-type player.  

 Charles Bediako 

Similar to Clowney, Bediako’s best attribute at the next level will be his defense. He has a solid ability to score in the paint, but his offensive game kind of begins and ends there. He is a bit undersized for the center position and will have to add some size to be able to compete at the next level.  

 Most analysts have Bediako potentially landing late in the second round or going undrafted. Like his teammate Noah Clowney, Bediako is more of a project and will best fit with a team that is willing to take its time in letting him develop his game and his body.   

 The NBA draft begins Thursday, June 22, at 7 p.m. CT and can be watched on ESPN and ABC.