Solving UA’s parking puzzle


CW/ Riley Thompson

Parked cars in one of the parking lots among UA’s campus.

Raelee Sents, Staff Reporter

For students at The University of Alabama who own cars, purchasing a parking permit is often high on their to-do list before arriving on campus.  

Students registered for the fall semester will receive their registration time and date via their Crimson email. Those who registered prior to July 15 will have to wait until their registration window to purchase a parking permit. 

Students who registered for the fall semester after July 15 are required only to wait 24 hours after registration to purchase their permit. 

To register for a parking permit, students can log into their myBama account and go to “Campus Services” in the “Student” tab. 

Students will be prompted to enter an address or choose to have their permit mailed to the Transportation Services office. Students who opt to have their permit mailed to the Transportation Services office will receive a notification via their Crimson email when their permit has arrived. 

Payment for a student’s parking permit will be billed to the individual’s student account, accessible via myBama. 

Residential permits purchased in the fall cost $400. Students may also purchase permits at a lower rate in the spring and summer.  Each type grants access to different zones for the entire academic year. 

Students may receive a full refund for purchased permits if it’s returned to Parking Services within ten business days of the purchase date. Permits purchased before Aug. 17 must be returned within ten business days of the first day of class. 

Students living on campus will be able to purchase the permit that corresponds with the zone they will be living in – yellow, orange, silver, or tan.  

A full interactive map of student parking zones can be found on the University’s website. 

With a residential permit, students may also park in the Student Center, Campus Drive, Capstone, Magnolia, Stadium Drive and North ten Hoor parking decks between 4:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. 

Students who are certified by the state of Alabama or their state of residence for accessible parking receive blue permits. Individuals must bring the necessary state-issued documentation to the Transportation Services office to obtain an Accessible Permit. 

Aside from the reserve lots and Stadium Drive reserved deck, accessible parking spaces are located in all parking decks and in front of certain residence halls like Ridgecrest West and East 

On game days, students with valid permits can park in certain designated areas on campus. 

Certain lots, such as the triangle lot across from Tutwiler, must be cleared out by 5:00 p.m. on Thursdays before home games.