Our View | You have the power, use it

The Crimson White Editorial Board consists of Editor-in-Chief Ashlee Woods; Managing Editor Carson Lott; Engagement Editor Ronni Rowan; Opinions Editor Victor Hagan; and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chairperson Jeffrey Kelly. 

The 2023-2024 school year is just around the corner. 

This time is jam-packed with orientation, shopping for school supplies and even figuring out game day outfits for football. But, as you embark on this new journey, it’s important to know that you have more power than you think. It’s easy, on a campus as large as this, to feel overwhelmed and not know how you can make a lasting impact at the University. 

As new students, you’ll be almost immediately immersed into a dozen new experiences, some you never saw coming. Some will be stellar, others not so much. 

That’s where The Crimson White comes in. The CW’s purpose is to inform students and engage them with parts of the University they may not have known about. Your story is just as important as the thousands of stories that have come before yours. Don’t be afraid to begin sharing it. 

When times get tough on campus, remember that you have the power to do something about any problem you may come across. Challenge the status quo and become the change you want to see. 

With that being said, we know enacting change is easier said than done. There are so many students on this campus who seek its betterment but lack the resources or community to make it happen. The Crimson White is here to help fill in those gaps in information and support these students through our reporting. 

However, if we as a newspaper publish something you don’t agree with, speak up. It’s your First Amendment right to do so. The CW represents the student body, so it is our job to ensure we’re telling complete and accurate information. 

The Crimson White is a medium for rigorous debate and factual reporting on our surroundings. We seek the truth in all things, and in doing so, The CW hopes to connect students, both new and returning, to the ever-evolving Tuscaloosa and University communities. 

It’s essential to note that while striving to connect with other students and the Tuscaloosa community or working to make a change on campus, your overall well-being is just as important. 

We at the CW understand just how hard it is to step into a new environment. You can’t fill from an empty cup, so don’t try to. Take the steps necessary to protect your peace, find your people and who you are as you navigate this new chapter. 

The staff at the CW understands how important campus media is when it comes to connecting all aspects of campus life into one, central hub. Our goal at the CW this year is to display all kinds of students, experiences, thoughts, and stories in the newspaper. The University is a melting pot of diverse perspectives and people, so the CW must do its due diligence and share those stories. 

Your first year at the Capstone is going to be packed with information, events, fun and even some homework too. Don’t be afraid to make the most of even the most mundane things. Those can be the memories that last you a lifetime. 

Welcome to the University, class of 2027. We can’t wait to see what you do with your newfound power and freedom.