Important campus landmarks

Carson Lott, Managing Editor

Student Center

The UA Student Center is the hub for all things student life. Here, students can grab a meal, attend a meeting, collect their mail and more. 

Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library

Courtesy of the University of Alabama News Center

As the campus’s central library, Gorgas serves as a perfect spot for focusing on academics. Gorgas houses the Sanford Media Center, unparalleled research collections and Java City Coffee.


Denny Chimes

Built in 1929, Denny Chimes is an iconic UA landmark. The 115-foot bell tower rings every 15 minutes and is surrounded by the Walk of Fame.



(CW/ Natalie Teat)

Believed to be one of the biggest elephant statues in the world, the Tuska statue was installed at the corner of Wallace Wade Avenue and University Boulevard in April 2021.