SGA SENATE RECAP: Week of 11/3

Alex Gravlee, Contributing Writer

The Student Government Association Senate passed two resolutions and sent three bills to committees on Nov. 3.  


Resolution calling for improvement of Rodgers and Gorgas Libraries – Passed 

The SGA unanimously passed a resolution calling for the improvement of Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library and Rodgers Library for Science and Engineering.

The bill was originally sent to the Academic Affairs Committee when it first appeared on the Senate floor on Oct. 20.

The legislation encourages the University to fund the University Libraries Master Plan, which lays out desired improvements for the libraries. Clay Bruce, one of the authors of the resolution, said he hopes the University will focus on adding more study spaces to the libraries. 


Resolution encouraging SGA to partner with student organizations during Capstone Creed Week – Passed 

The Senate unanimously passed a resolution that encourages itself to partner with student organizations to provide programming to students during Capstone Creed Week.  

Capstone Creed Week is celebrated every spring to remind “all students of the values that the University of Alabama community believes in” according to the Division of Student Life’s website. During the week, the University holds events that honor the capstone creed, like award ceremonies honoring those who the University sees as upholding the creed. 

Karina Collins, the author of the resolution, said that with the program, the SGA and organizations it partners with, such as the Women and Gender Resource Center, will provide training opportunities to students during Capstone Creed Week. 

These training sessions will be available to “all members of the student body who choose to attend the sessions” according to the Senate docket. 

Collins said the SGA will partner with any organization they see fit. 

According to the docket, this partnership was proposed to “uphold and enhance the Capstone Creed.” 


Two bills to clarify which legislation was passed following Senate sessions. – Sent to Committee 

The SGA sent two bills to the Rules Committee that would clarify the voting results of legislation brought before the Senate.  

The bills were both co-authored by Tyler Zuspann and Alexander East, senators representing the Culverhouse College of Business and the College of Engineering respectively.  

One of the bills would require the SGA to clarify whether previous legislative documents presented on the Senate floor passed or not.  

The second bill would revise the duties of the SGA webmaster and secretary of the senate, adding the responsibility of updating the SGA website to indicate whether past legislation passed or failed. 

Senators and students can view legislation that has been proposed on the Senate floor online, but the website does not presently specify which legislation passed.  


Bill changing the application process for student organization seatingSent to Committee 

The SGA also sent a bill changing the application process for student organization seating to the Student Affairs Committee. 

Tyler Tannehill, a senator for the College of Arts and Sciences, said he hopes to see a reduction in the amount of bills immediately considered for a vote on the Senate floor.

Tannehill said he wishes to see more legislation being sent to committees so they “are thoroughly presented” to senators.

He also said that many bills made for “transparency reasons and accountability reasons” were “continuously and categorically” sent to committee, then tabled. Tannehill said it would be hypocritical to pass bills that would clarify which legislation passed and failed in the Senate while tabling bills like Xzarria Peterson’s office hours bill and his own electronic voting bill.  

The office hour bill is still tabled, and the electronic voting bill failed in the Senate after being tabled.