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Kentuck remodels building after bat infestation

Becky Robinson July 31, 2013

After dealing with a bat infestation this spring, Kentuck Art Center is still repairing the damage left behind. Emily Leigh, the interim director of Kentuck, said the bats were not the main cause of the...

A longboard lifestyle: Newly certified UA club to host skating event, expand

A longboard lifestyle: Newly certified UA club to host skating event, expand

Becky Robinson July 24, 2013

As a teenager, Scott Strength used to longboard as a hobby, thinking it was just a fad that would fade. Now, the junior majoring in construction engineering is secretary of the UA Longboard Club and is...

Chicken Salad Chick serves up Southern favorites

Chicken Salad Chick serves up Southern favorites

Becky Robinson July 24, 2013

Chicken Salad Chick is bringing tasty Southern favorites to the city of Northport, Ala. The franchise started in Auburn, Ala., but has since grown to include eight stores around the state, the most...

WVUA offers diverse selection of music

WVUA offers diverse selection of music

Becky Robinson July 17, 2013

For Maggie Brown, a sophomore majoring in telecommunication and film, becoming the boss at The University of Alabama’s radio station, WVUA-FM, was far from things she thought she would accomplish. When...

Kentuck offers new perspective on community

Kentuck offers new perspective on community

Becky Robinson July 17, 2013

For incoming freshmen, sometimes it can take a while to find a place in the college scene. Instead of waiting for social opportunities to come your way, students can be proactive and join the Kentuck Art...

Nobel Laureates speak to grad students abroad

Becky Robinson July 17, 2013

When Steven Kelley became a graduate student studying inorganic chemistry, he had no idea he would have the opportunity to listen to the 2013 Nobel Laureates speak in Lindau, Germany. “This was actually...

Students explore app creation

Becky Robinson July 17, 2013

Cheyenne Paiva, a junior majoring in biology, is designing an app that will make it possible for users to send a text at a specific time and date. “I’ve written a couple databases and coded some programs...

Supreme Court guts civil rights era voting act

Becky Robinson July 3, 2013

Two weeks after The University of Alabama commemorated the Stand in the Schoolhouse Door, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down vital parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act in a 5-4 decision June 25. Section...

Tips on how to stay safe in water

Tips on how to stay safe in water

Becky Robinson July 3, 2013

The key to any fun, summer day on the water is safety. Brian Bartlett, a junior mechanical engineering major and president of the Alabama Kayak Club, and David Scott, a Ph.D. student in interdisciplinary...

American audiences grow tired of sequels

Becky Robinson June 19, 2013

With movies such as “Iron Man 3” and “Fast & Furious 6” grabbing top spots at the box office, it seems like there’s nothing but sequels and superheroes plaguing American theaters. Andy Billings,...

With ongoing debate, HPV vaccine gaining attention

Becky Robinson June 19, 2013

Since actor Michael Douglas recently claimed his throat cancer was caused by HPV, more people have joined the debate on the usually hushed STD. HPV, the human papillomavirus, causes roughly 33,300 cases...

Students find cyber attacks concerning

Becky Robinson June 12, 2013

Krista James thought she was doing her job for her high school journalism class by interviewing a Vietnam veteran. She never thought the military email address she used to contact her source would end...

Fashion photojournalists connect with Instagram

Fashion photojournalists connect with Instagram

Becky Robinson June 12, 2013

Instagram users are finding a new way to use the photo app for more than taking pictures of their dinner. The social media site that uses photo streams for users to connect is becoming an increasingly...

Don’t neglect thought-provoking classics for movie adaptations, easier reads

Becky Robinson June 12, 2013

When I was in high school, there was nothing I liked less than the summer reading list. I thought it was nothing more than a list of dead novelists taking over my pool time. But nowadays, teenage summer...

Nashville rock band to visit Tuscaloosa while on tour

Becky Robinson June 5, 2013

Modoc, a Nashville, Tenn., rock band, will be playing at Green Bar Thursdayat 9 p.m. The band originally started in small-town Modoc, Ill., before moving to Nashville, Tenn., to jump-start their music...

UA, Tuscaloosas marriage not enough to save historic Kilgore House

UA, Tuscaloosa’s ‘marriage’ not enough to save historic Kilgore House

Becky Robinson May 15, 2013

Demolition of the Kilgore House on the University of Alabama campus began Monday afternoon, sparking controversy about The University of Alabama’s role in preserving its own history. Originally built...

UA chapter of Her Campus to screen ‘Girl Rising’ at Green Bar

Becky Robinson April 24, 2013

Green Bar is partnering with the Alabama chapter of Her Campus to screen the film “Girl Rising.” “Girl Rising” depicts the stories of nine young women from around the world struggling to obtain...

Inked: Northport tattoo artist says laser removal most common between ages 22-26

Becky Robinson April 23, 2013

Whether it’s a cute butterfly, an intricate sleeve or the letters of a greek organization, tattoos are a growing trend among college-aged students. In a 2004 study conducted by the American Academy of...

Senior places 1st in interior design competition

Becky Robinson April 16, 2013

When Melita Hudson first came to The University of Alabama, she had no idea she would eventually become an award-winning interior designer. “I actually started out school as a biology and chemistry...

UH class creates art to benefit Tuscaloosa One Place

Becky Robinson April 9, 2013

Unlike most art classes at The University of Alabama, UH 155, a freshman honors class, allows students to create pieces of art that will be sold at the Good Art Show, which benefits Tuscaloosa One Place,...

2013 a transition year for DCAF

Becky Robinson April 5, 2013

For three years, Creative Campus has hosted the popular Druid City Arts Festival. Starting this year and continuing forward, after a long transition, the Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports Commission will be...

Air Force Ones make girly appearance for spring

Becky Robinson April 2, 2013

A few weeks ago I impulsively bought a pair of knock-off Nike Air Force Ones at Target. They’re metallic, they’re a bit odd, and they’re my new favorite thing. Knock-off Airs, or my “moon boots”...

Travel writer ‘jet hikes’ her way across country

Becky Robinson March 21, 2013

Since July 2012, travel writer Amber Nolan has been hitchhiking across America. But the 28-year-old travel writer isn’t sticking her thumb out on highways. She’s using small planes. Nolan, who recently...

Libraries move to digital poses risks, benefits

Libraries’ move to digital poses risks, benefits

Becky Robinson March 18, 2013

Archive libraries, such as the Hoole Special Collections on campus, are increasingly converting their content into digital copies. But what may be a convenience for students can be problematic for archivists....

Obsession with Imperfection: Students struggle with body image issues

Becky Robinson March 12, 2013

  Before Miranda Ward won the Miss UA title, she struggled with her body image for years. Ward, a junior majoring in public relations, said she struggled with bulimia before getting help. “I know...

'Fashion month' showcases makeup

Becky Robinson March 11, 2013

When it comes to fashion weeks — or Fashion Month, as the industry coins the back-to-back worldwide shows — the clothes are often the focal point of the events. But the thing people often notice first...

Creative Campus sparks interest at other schools

Becky Robinson February 27, 2013

The Creative Campus model began eight years ago as a simple idea but is now being used by other schools, such as the University of Nebraska Omaha, to create their own idea machines. Alan Kolok, a UNO...

Clashing patterns, white after Labor Day, mixing metals now acceptable in fashion world

Becky Robinson February 25, 2013

There are a lot of old wives’ tales and myths everyone’s heard. You shouldn’t go swimming right after eating, hold your breath when driving by a cemetery, if you drop a fork, company’s coming...

Graduate student exhibit features paintings and sculptures

Becky Robinson February 21, 2013

The Sella-Granata Art Gallery will be exhibiting the works of two UA graduate students. The exhibit, titled AMALGAM, features artists Darius Hill and Anne Herbert, both MFA students. Hill, a non-traditional...

Group focuses on women veterans’ health care options

Becky Robinson February 18, 2013

On Jan. 24, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta lifted a longstanding ban on women serving in combat positions. This decision will allow women in the military’s front line positions alongside...

Love is in the web: how online dating is evolving with social media

Love is in the web: how online dating is evolving with social media

Becky Robinson February 14, 2013

Like many other college students, Charlotte Lawson is in a long-distance relationship. However, she didn’t meet her boyfriend in high school or at a bar. Lawson met him online. Lawson, a senior majoring...

Leather, lace emerge from Fashion Week

Becky Robinson February 11, 2013

As the nefarious blizzard Nemo descends on the Northeast, New York Fashion Week draws to a close. We’ve already learned about the electric neons, the tribal prints and the black and white graphics, but...

Affordable NY Fashion Week alternatives

Becky Robinson February 7, 2013

New York Fashion Week is in full swing. While most of us broke college students can’t afford a $1,200 Marc Jacobs blazer, we can all take home and modify the trends. One major trend seen in the shows...

New exhibit in Woods Hall to feature manipulated photos

Becky Robinson February 4, 2013

Two University of Alabama students will be showcasing their photography at a one-night exhibit and reception called “Conceit.” Kristen Tcherneshoff, a junior BFA photography and painting major,...

TCF class gives students the opportunity to network, see behind the scenes

TCF class gives students the opportunity to network, see behind the scenes

Becky Robinson January 29, 2013

Last week, Steve Carrell and Ashton Kutcher were at the Sundance Film Festival Park City, Utah. Ellen Page was there, Amy Poehler made an appearance and, for the first time, so did a class of University...

‘1-for-1’ concept seen outside shoes

Becky Robinson January 28, 2013

Backpacks have been synonymous with school days and homework for countless decades. Now the backpack has teamed up with another fan-favorite: charity. New York couple Scot Tatelman and his wife, Jacqueline...

Taking time off can be conflicting for students

Becky Robinson January 23, 2013

After graduating from high school, many students head straight to college the next fall without skipping a beat. Some students, though, decide to take time off from classrooms either before or during their...

Creative Campus sees success with new zine

Creative Campus sees success with new ‘zine’

Becky Robinson January 16, 2013

Creative Campus’s new zine, “Art-let,” designed to showcase student artwork and creativity, generated conversations around campus following its first publication during finals week last semester,...

Do’s and don’ts of leather skinnies trend

Becky Robinson January 14, 2013

Over winter break, I took it upon myself to get some shopping in before returning to campus for spring semester. I was browsing through H&M at home in Huntsville, Ala., – not a surprise – and at the...

Last Xpress Night of semester partners with Bama Buddies

Becky Robinson December 5, 2012

Bama Buddies is partnering with Xpress Night this Thursday, Dec. 6 to promote campus unity through service during the holiday season. Bama Buddies has been working with student groups on campus for the...

Student duo to release 2013 EP

Becky Robinson December 4, 2012

Most musicians would do anything for the spotlight, but not Lena Dice. This UA student’s passion for music is a quieter one that began blossoming in recent months. Dice, a junior majoring in psychology,...

Emoticons find their place in 2012 with rings, sunglasses

Becky Robinson December 3, 2012

Fashion and technology have always seemed to go hand-in-hand, and the latest trend surfacing is no different. Emoticon jewelry is the latest way to flaunt a quirky accessory with any outfit. Jewelry designers...

Birmingham’s ‘Tin Man’ to host team art build

Becky Robinson November 26, 2012

Charlie Lucas, an Alabamian artist, will spend two days making presentations and hosting activities on campus this week, showcasing his internationally acclaimed work and the process he uses to create...

Ideas for holiday outfits you can recycle

Becky Robinson November 19, 2012

Well, it’s that time of year again: the seemingly never-ending holiday season. You get Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s back-to-back. But let’s be honest. Even with all that holiday cash, most...

Sophomore makes next-level Gameboy music

Becky Robinson November 15, 2012

Normally, when you see someone fiddling on a Gameboy, it is safe to assume they are revisiting their favorite childhood games. But not Max Dolensky. If you see him with his Gameboy, there is a good chance...

College students struggle to stay nourished nationwide

Becky Robinson November 12, 2012

College students nationwide are struggling to consume enough nutrients in their diets, and this problem is leading to a rise in cases of malnutrition. A condition often compared to weight loss, malnutrition...

Season’s favorite color, oxblood, wearable on nails, bags and pants

Becky Robinson November 5, 2012

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a huge advocate of the whole “color of the season” deal. But, for fall/winter 2012, I’m jumping on the fashion bandwagon and pledging my support for oxblood...

‘100 Lenses’ changes students’ idea of home

Becky Robinson November 5, 2012

Football Saturdays at The University of Alabama always begin on Friday afternoon. Tents go up, vendors set up, and visitors prowl the campus eagerly. Elliot Knight, a professor in the Honors College and...

Students choosing vinyl for music, sentimental value

Students choosing vinyl for music, sentimental value

Becky Robinson October 31, 2012

In a digital age when music can be downloaded from your smartphone, some students are choosing the opposite and turning to vinyl records for their music fix. Andrew Moody, the assistant manager of Oz...

Fees pay 3rd party costs, raise prices

Becky Robinson October 30, 2012

Students who have been to their fair share of concerts know the actual price of a cheap $20 ticket can rise quickly because of charges and fees. Ticket companies and venues often add any number of fees...

Rowlings ‘The Casual Vacancy’ focuses on murder, corruption instead of magic

Becky Robinson October 23, 2012

J.K. Rowling’s new novel, “The Casual Vacancy,” is a far cry from the halls of Hogwarts. Set in the imaginary English town of Pagford, “The Casual Vacancy” tells the tale of corruption in local...

Sheer tops daring, not trashy; worth trying this fall

Becky Robinson October 22, 2012

To see or not to see? That’s the latest question I’ve been asking about sheer tops. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with see-through chiffon button-downs. I have two of my own – one black American...

Ghosts of the Black Belt brings tourism to Alabama

Becky Robinson October 11, 2012

As Halloween draws near, many people are in search of spooky events for the season. If a ghost story sounds appealing, Ghosts of the Black Belt will be offering those and many other haunted attractions...

Campuses declare smoking bans

Campuses declare smoking bans

Becky Robinson October 9, 2012

College campuses around the country are making an effort to declare their schools smoke-free environments. Currently, there are at least 814 campuses that have completely banned tobacco products, The University...

Minimalist style shows ‘intelligence and cleanness’

Becky Robinson October 2, 2012

Minimalism, in art terms, is the purging of all expression from a piece and a focus on the process and concept of design. In essence, it is the antithesis of Abstract Expressionism, a movement accurately...

Where to find the perfect gameday gear

Becky Robinson September 28, 2012

Whether your Gameday look is causal and carefree or dressy and debonair, the city of Tuscaloosa has your fashion needs covered. There are numerous shops around town that are easily accessible for everyone,...

Graduate art exhibit features piece inspired by music

Graduate art exhibit features piece inspired by music

Becky Robinson September 26, 2012

Since high school, Micah Craft knew he wanted to be an artist. Now, after receiving his bachelor’s degree from The University of Alabama in 2012, Craft is exhibiting his work, called “Tension and Release,”...

Oxford button-downs, loafers staples for fall fashion

Becky Robinson September 18, 2012

The word “oxford” has a lot of connotations. There’s the Oxford comma, the University of Oxford in England and the Oxford English Dictionary. However, when I use the word, what I’m talking about...

Moundville to host archaeological event

Becky Robinson September 13, 2012

A few miles outside of Tuscaloosa sits the Moundville Archaeological Park, an ancient Native American site and a part of The University of Alabama Museums. For several years, the park has hosted events...

Art exhibit features historical political memorabilia

Becky Robinson September 4, 2012

Politics often bring out the worst in a lot of people, but UA Libraries has found a way to bring conflicting sides together with their new exhibit. “Red, White & Blue: Political Campaigns and Presidential...

Art exhibit comes to a close

Becky Robinson August 27, 2012

Wednesday is the last opportunity for students to see Aqueous, an art exhibit created and displayed by the summer Aqueous Media class, at the Ferguson Center Art Gallery. The exhibit opened with a reception...

YouTube’s user-generated content grows in popularity as a news source

Becky Robinson August 1, 2012

A recent Pew study shows YouTube is becoming an increasingly popular outlet for many people, students included, to watch the news. While television newscasts are still a main source, the user-generated...

Controversial film screened to a full house

Controversial film screened to a full house

Becky Robinson July 18, 2012

After a month of controversy surrounding the sexually charged Norwegian film “Turn Me On, Dammit!” The Bama Theatre finally showed the coming-of-age comedic drama last night to a full house. The debates...

‘Hell: Paradise Found’ brings comedy to religion

Becky Robinson July 11, 2012

A clever, dark-humored play written and directed by University of Alabama professor Seth Panitch, “Hell: Paradise Found,” will take the stage at Off Broadway Theatres in New York City for the remainder...

Homegrown hosts 3rd tomato festival

Homegrown hosts 3rd tomato festival

Becky Robinson July 3, 2012

Homegrown Alabama is hosting its third Annual Bama Loves Tomatoes Festival July 5 from 3-6 p.m. on the lawn of Canterbury Episcopal Church. The festival will include a salsa competition, in which participants...

Play to show at UA before heading to Big Apple

Play to show at UA before heading to Big Apple

Becky Robinson June 27, 2012

University of Alabama theater professor Seth Panitch is taking his most recent production, “Hell: Paradise Found,” to an Off-Broadway stage in New York City. However, before he and his cast depart...

Little black jacket trend can be dressed up or dressed down

Becky Robinson June 20, 2012

Everyone has heard of the little black dress. It’s been synonymous with classy trendsetters on the red carpet and is a staple in romantic comedy wardrobes. But recently, French fashion house – under...

How to make your dad’s Father’s Day special

Becky Robinson June 13, 2012

For some people, Father’s Day means rushing out to a store, crowding around the card section with the mass of others who waited until the last minute, and buying a typical guy gift, such as a tie or...

Film takes student from Campus MovieFest to Cannes, France

Film takes student from Campus MovieFest to Cannes, France

Becky Robinson June 6, 2012

Some students dream of vacations to Hollywood and France, but for UA student Alex Beatty, these dreams came true, thanks to his love and talent for filmmaking. Beatty was selected to show his short film...

UA professor’s book named bestseller

Becky Robinson May 30, 2012

The American Educational Research Association named “Leaders in the Historical Study of American Education” by Wayne Urban, a University of Alabama professor and associate director of the educational...

Documentaries highlight societal issues

Documentaries highlight societal issues

Becky Robinson April 24, 2012

I have harped on the importance of documentaries before, and I truly believe they are an incredibly important art form, especially at a time when so much of the news we receive is condensed into thirty-second...

Documenting Justice returns to Bama Theatre

Documenting Justice returns to Bama Theatre

Becky Robinson April 23, 2012

UA students are hoping to raise awareness of a variety of social issues through a film project known as Documenting Justice. Documenting Justice is a film series that began six years ago. Originally created...

Huxford Orchestra to perform year’s last show

Becky Robinson April 16, 2012

When someone says “concert” in a college town, a night at the symphony might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, The Huxford Symphony Orchestra hopes that will change tonight at 7:30...

Jump aboard this spring’s nautical fashion trend

Becky Robinson April 16, 2012

Recently, for some reason, I’ve been obsessed with everything nautical. I don’t know what caused it, but I realized, as I flipped through my various fashion magazines, that my fixation isn’t without...

Apple alternatives popular at UA

Becky Robinson April 9, 2012

It seems, wherever you look, campus is alight with small, glowing apples on the backs of everyone’s computers. These half-devoured apples also shine on the backs of phones, music players and, most recently,...

A guide to wearing leggings properly

A guide to wearing leggings properly

Becky Robinson April 2, 2012

At this point in my college career, I’ve realized that no matter how much I complain about girls on campus wearing leggings every day, there’s nothing I can say or do to convince them otherwise. After...

Art exhibit brings diversity to B’ham

Becky Robinson March 29, 2012

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute will be showcasing “Living in Limbo: Lesbian Families in the Deep South,” a modern art exhibit depicting portraits of lesbian couples and families with roots tied...

Bands take stage at spring break spots

Bands take stage at spring break spots

Becky Robinson March 8, 2012

While most students who plan to go to the beach this spring break will probably spend most of their time on the sand relaxing, there will also be plenty of time spent having fun after the sun goes down....

Museum creates app to enhance exhibit

Museum creates app to enhance exhibit

Becky Robinson March 5, 2012

Museum goers know that sometimes getting up close to the art can be difficult and, in many cases, frowned upon. However, the Birmingham Museum of Art has found a way to fix this problem by merging the...

The Ferg series encourages food, friendly discourse

The Ferg series encourages food, friendly discourse

Becky Robinson February 29, 2012

Over the weekend, the Ferguson Center took a road trip to Greensboro so participating students could make and eat pie. The trip was a part of an event series for University of Alabama students sponsored...

Small clutches better for class

Becky Robinson February 27, 2012

Between the mountains of textbooks stashed in your book bag, the bag of gym clothes, the Starbucks in your left hand, the Subway in your right and the various technology devices, who has the space or the...

Holt students photography to be displayed in Nott Hall

Holt students’ photography to be displayed in Nott Hall

Becky Robinson February 21, 2012

The University of Alabama has joined forces with Holt High School to create a photography exhibit, which is now open in the Nott Hall Gallery. Elliot Knight, an instructor at the University, created the...

The best female and male looks for all Valentine’s dates

The best female and male looks for all Valentine’s dates

Becky Robinson February 13, 2012

I’ll be the first to admit, Valentine’s Day is not my favorite holiday on the calendar. The conversation hearts, fluffy teddy bears and frilly lace just don’t do it for me. But, I do enjoy dressing...

Championship season inspires local rapper

Championship season inspires local rapper

Becky Robinson February 7, 2012

A Tuscaloosa native and life-long Alabama fan, Bo Latham has always had a passion for music. Although he majored in public relations during his time at the University of Alabama, Latham said he loves producing...

Fashion Week exposes trends for the spring

Fashion Week exposes trends for the spring

Becky Robinson January 31, 2012

As Fashion Weeks draw to a close around the globe, it’s time for fashionistas everywhere to take stock of the new looks gracing the runway and how these trends can be translated into everyday ensembles....

Fashion: Layers keep you warm in any temperature

Fashion: Layers keep you warm in any temperature

Becky Robinson January 24, 2012

Anyone from Alabama knows we have crazy seasons. It’s been particularly crazy as of late with it still being 65 degrees in January, and I feel like many people have been thrown off track when they go...

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