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Affordable NY Fashion Week alternatives

New York Fashion Week is in full swing. While most of us broke college students can’t afford a $1,200 Marc Jacobs blazer, we can all take home and modify the trends.

One major trend seen in the shows thus far is black and white graphic prints. Most of the prints have been traditional patterns, like stripes and polka dots, which make it easier for the fashionista on a budget to replicate the looks seen at Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. Both of these designers chose to go all-out with the neutral patterns, pairing stripes with polka dots for a bold yet coordinated look.

Another trend gracing the Mercedes Benz runways is electric neon. From shirts to jackets to shoes, neon is definitely a fun trend for spring and also easily replicable. Derek Lam showcased an electric blue boxy silk shirt, which I can almost guarantee will be greedily copied by retailers like H&M come March.

Rag & Bone, an American fashion label, debuted a hard-rock chic motorcycle jacket. Instead of being traditional biker garb, their jacket was adorned with neon green accents for a pop of trendy color. While this may be harder to find and replicate — especially in Alabama — online stores like ASOS or Neiman Marcus may offer suitable alternatives.

Donna Karan also dabbled in neon jackets, sending out a model in a bumblebee yellow, knee-length raincoat. Again, this much neon in a jacket may be hard to find, so try to find a shorter version of the coat for a great splash of color on any rainy day.

One final trend seen so far this week is a global trend. Similar to the tribal print trend a few years back, the global prints of New York Fashion Week are often neutral or rich in color with a subtle, sophisticated design. Vera Wang was one of the designers whose clothes resembled the lush textiles of an Indian marketplace. Because this trend can be so easily reproduced by major retailers for mass consumption, you’ll be able to find your global prints just about anywhere. It also helps that this trend is really timeless, especially since it seems to be morphing every few seasons.

Ralph Lauren was another designer who jumped on the global bandwagon. With his fitted harem pants and flowing white tops, he created a very Spanish vibe with his line. Bursts of gold and red reinforced this feel and are a fabulous way to create your own Spanish look. A beautiful gold lace top or even a swash of vibrant red lipstick works wonderfully.

With Fashion Week only on its third day, there are sure to be more great and fun trends to flow from the Big Apple this week.

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