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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Air Force Ones make girly appearance for spring

A few weeks ago I impulsively bought a pair of knock-off Nike Air Force Ones at Target. They’re metallic, they’re a bit odd, and they’re my new favorite thing.

Knock-off Airs, or my “moon boots” as my friends jokingly call them, are popping up everywhere and in seemingly every color. Steve Madden just released his Olympiaa shoe in neutral, black and beige. If you’re feeling more daring, he even has some with gold spikes.

While Steve Madden’s shoe runs about $100, I scored mine for $35, a much more reasonable deal for something you aren’t going to wear every day.

Unlike Nike Airs, most of the knock-offs – including my own – have a small, hidden wedge inside. This added height is surprisingly comfortable to walk around campus in, even though the thought of a tennis shoe with a wedge takes a bit of getting used to.

So, what do you wear with these awesome new shoes? Personally, I love a pair of skinnies since they offer a bit of balance against the bulky shoe. Skinnies in a bright color, like red or springy neon is a great choice for this fun trend.

To avoid looking trashy, don’t mix two metallics, especially if your awesome new shoes have shiny stripes like mine. If you opt for the neutral color, you have more of a choice when it comes to color palette and textures.

Even though it’s going to be heating up soon – hopefully – I wouldn’t recommend wearing these hidden wedge sneakers with skirts. The shoes are just too powerful for a delicate spring dress and anything tighter will make you look like someone with questionable morals. And you don’t want that.

Shorts can be tricky with this chunky tennis shoe, too. If you must wear shorts, go for a texture like linen or canvas and stay more neutral. That way, your shoes can be the focus of your outfit and will surely get people’s attention.

If you’re not feeling metal or neutrals, Nike has a line of colorful options that you can find in a few retailers like Urban Outfitters. Urban has a pair of bright purple Airs in stock for the adventuring hipster but with a price tag of more than $100. Their Ash Bowie pastel sneakers and Sam Edelman’s are even pricier at more than $200.

Whatever your taste or price range, it’s no question that these quirky “moon boots” are here to stay for spring and summer. Even if you wear them a couple of times before they find their way to the back of you closet, it’s still a really great, fun trend to try.

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