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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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E.O. Wilson speaks on human behavior, development

Allie Hulcher September 12, 2012

E.O. Wilson, a prominent biologist, theorist and author, tackled questions of religion and philosophy Tuesday night as he spoke to University of Alabama students about life’s big questions. His lecture...

Revered scientist and UA alumnus E.O. Wilson to lecture Tuesday

Allie Hulcher September 9, 2012

E.O Willson, UA alumnus and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, will visit The University of Alabama on Sept. 11 to lecture students and faculty on his newest book, “The Social Conquest of Earth.” Wilson...

What does a W mean?

Allie Hulcher August 27, 2012

By Allie Hulcher Contributing Writer Wednesday is the last day for students to add or drop a class from their schedule with no consequences, but students have until mid-semester to withdraw with a W...

Hot and Ready

Hot and Ready

Allie Hulcher August 22, 2012

Before 10 a.m., 800 Tuscaloosa residents had enjoyed a ‘hot and ready’ Krispy Kreme doughnut, a breakfast that hadn’t been available since April 27, 2011. “I think this turnout is stronger than...

Students call for expanded wireless

Students call for expanded wireless

Allie Hulcher September 1, 2011

During the Student Government Association campaigns last spring, there was one issue every candidate seemed to agree on – improving Internet on campus. After the two hour Internet shutdown last week,...

CrimsonRide adds downtown route

CrimsonRide adds downtown route

Allie Hulcher August 25, 2011

The CrimsonRide now includes a new Downtown Shuttle, which will allow students to park free of charge downtown and take a bus onto campus. The announcement, however, came after students purchased parking...

Mentoring program kicks off first full year

Allie Hulcher August 24, 2011

The Al’s Pals mentoring program is only in its second semester, but it is already expanding to another location and hoping to add over 100 new mentors. Al’s Pals, which was started in January by Star...

Hulu Plus offers free trial to college students

Hulu Plus offers free trial to college students

Allie Hulcher April 21, 2011

Students wanting to give their minds a break and enjoy the comedy and drama of their favorite TV shows are in luck, Hulu, the online video service that offers a selection of television shows, clips and...

Students hold free speech forum

Students hold free speech forum

Allie Hulcher April 19, 2011

The entire University of Alabama campus is a free-speech zone, but many students are unsure how far their right to free speech extends. Sustained Dialogue organized a forum to address the steps to having...

Panel discusses students’ right to protest

Allie Hulcher April 18, 2011

Sustained Dialogue will bring together students and expert panelists tonight to discuss the importance of free speech on campus — how it is restricted, and how to maneuver the grounds use policy in order...

Student selected to recreate Freedom Ride

Allie Hulcher April 13, 2011

  Fifty years ago in May, the Freedom Riders rode into the segregated South to fight for equal rights. University student Marshall Houston will be following in these courageous footsteps as he takes...

Al’s pals help elementary kids explore creativity

Allie Hulcher April 11, 2011

Whether it be animal lore, cooking, flute or photography, all of the mentors in the Al’s Pals mentoring program have something different to bring to the tables, gym and library at McKenzie Court. Al’s...

Mentoring program seeks male volunteers

Allie Hulcher April 11, 2011

More than 70 boys in the West Alabama area are waiting for male mentors through Big Brothers Big Sisters, and UA business students are on a mission to fix this. The students are in a small business consulting...

English teachers host non-fiction workshop

Allie Hulcher April 7, 2011

Two UA English teachers will be telling it straight and slant as part of a national creative writing celebration. The celebration, happening on Saturday, is called Dzanc Day because of the Dzanc Books,...

Gospel choir sings for their faith

Allie Hulcher April 5, 2011

The rich, joyful voices of the Afro-American Gospel Choir are celebrating their 40th year of glorifying God through song. The group started in the summer of 1971, said Cynthia Moore, who has been the...

Students, administrators prepare to lobby in Montgomery

Allie Hulcher April 5, 2011

On Thursday, UA students will storm the steps of the State House in Montgomery to advocate for higher education funding in the state of Alabama. The annual event is called Higher Education Day and is...

Millionth library visitor recognized

Millionth library visitor recognized

Allie Hulcher March 29, 2011

Chris Dominey entered Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library Tuesday just like any other day when he was deemed the “one-millionth visitor” to a campus library since Aug. 1, 2010. Tom Wilson, the associate dean...

Civil War-era tree on Quad removed

Civil War-era tree on Quad removed

Allie Hulcher March 24, 2011

A large circle of dirt is all that remains of a natural landmark on the east side of the Quad. Over spring break, a tree crew removed a more than 150 year-old tree that lived through the Civil War and...

Brown named new alumni affairs director

Allie Hulcher March 24, 2011

On April 1, a new director of alumni affairs will step into Alumni Hall. Calvin Brown of Decatur, Ala., will replace Pat Whetstone, who has been in the position for 20 years. Brown is currently a partner...

Fashion show to honor differing body types

Allie Hulcher February 24, 2011

Tonight at 7 the Fashion Rocks and So Does My Body Show will celebrate all different body types, said Sheena Quizon, dietitian at the Student Health Center, and also one of the event’s coordinators....

Capstone Hero program accepting applications

Allie Hulcher February 21, 2011

Everyone may nominate an outstanding student, faculty, staff member or student organization that they believe deserves the honor of Capstone Hero. In March, the University will celebrate the sixth annual...

Quilt exhibit honors American history

Allie Hulcher February 16, 2011

The tiny town of Gee’s Bend, Alabama will come to the Ferguson Center today in the form of art the town is famous for—quilts. Sponsored by the Women’s Resource Center, the School of Library and...

Libraries hold book collection contest

Allie Hulcher February 13, 2011

The University of Alabama Libraries are giving students a chance to enter their book collections for a chance to win the fifth annual Book Collecting Contest. The contest is an opportunity for students...

Vegetarianism offers health, less than impressive on-campus options

Vegetarianism offers health, “less than impressive” on-campus options

Allie Hulcher February 9, 2011

Though the reasons for choosing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle vary, personal health, ethics or a simple love for animals are among the most common, said Sheena Quizon, a dietitian at the Student Health...

Students paint houses for charity

Allie Hulcher February 7, 2011

On Saturday morning, 25 students gathered together for one goal — to help build houses for families in need. The volunteers left Tuscaloosa for Birmingham at 10 a.m. to participate with a “Unity Build”...

Omega Psi Phi fraternity welcomes five new members

Omega Psi Phi fraternity welcomes five new members

Allie Hulcher January 30, 2011

Doors opened around 7 p.m. Friday, and the audience trickled slowly into the Central High School auditorium to experience Omega Psi Phi’s probate, or coming out show, for its five new members, The Unconquerable...

Rose to house only freshmen

Rose to house only freshmen

Allie Hulcher January 25, 2011

Rose Towers will be spending its last school year as an all-freshmen residence hall. Rose Towers is known for its 13 floors, its living-learning communities for international students and all that a several...

Astronomy professor investigates space gas cloud

Allie Hulcher January 24, 2011

In 2007, a Dutch schoolteacher named Hanny van Arkel was just one of thousands helping Hubble to classify galaxies online at when she discovered a space oddity that rocked the astronomy world....

Students test iPads for class

Allie Hulcher January 20, 2011

There are a lot of reasons to hate textbooks. They’re heavy, dense and they definitely do not read like a novel. Many college students would say the main reason to dislike textbooks is that they are...

Students browse ways to get involved

Students browse ways to get involved

Allie Hulcher January 19, 2011

The Ferguson Ballroom was bustling with students during Wednesday’s Get on Board Day, sponsored by the SOURCE. About 140 organizations were represented and ready to help students learn about how they...

New student organizations get on board

Allie Hulcher January 19, 2011

The spring edition of Get on Board Day will be held today in the Ferguson Center Ballroom from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., helping students to find their niche for involvement. The event, sponsored by the Student...

Longtime Board of Trustees member dies

Allie Hulcher January 13, 2011

T. Massey Bedsole, who served on the University of Alabama’s Board of Trustees from 1979 to 1988, died on New Year’s Day. He was the University’s oldest trustee emeritus, meaning he was an honorary...

Changing Tides earns journalism grant

Allie Hulcher December 3, 2010

"Not so much a lens, as a magnifying glass." This is how Changing Tides describes itself on its online home, Changing Tides is a student-run online publication that is dedicated...

Larger student body crowds Gorgas

Larger student body crowds Gorgas

Allie Hulcher November 30, 2010

You don’t have to frequently visit Gorgas Library to have noticed the immense number of visitors that circulate through the building.  On any day of the week, it can be difficult to find a study spot...

Students to discuss Confederate flag

Allie Hulcher November 17, 2010

Though it is a relatively simple design, a red rectangle with a blue, starred X across it, the Confederate flag is a complex symbol that represents a piece of American history people have a variety of...

Capstone International hosts events for cultural awareness

Allie Hulcher November 15, 2010

Capstone International at the University of Alabama will be celebrating International Education Week, and will host a number of cultural and informational events that will be open to all students. The...

Student wins wallpaper design contest

Allie Hulcher November 11, 2010

Honesty. Trust. Respect. These are some of the inspirational words featured in the winning computer wallpaper design of Michael Perez, a graduate student studying sport management. Perez was announced...

UA boasts two Rhodes finalists

Allie Hulcher November 11, 2010

Having a Rhodes scholar finalist who also happens to be the starting quarterback of the football team is certainly newsworthy, but the fact that the University has two Rhodes scholar finalists is an outstanding...

Historical Southern collection to make debut at Gorgas Library

Historical Southern collection to make debut at Gorgas Library

Allie Hulcher November 7, 2010

A Theodore Roosevelt campaign button, a baby picture of Truman Capote and a diary of a Prattville Confederate soldier are just some of the more than 30,000 newly added items to the Amelia Gayle Gorgas...

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