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Student wins wallpaper design contest

Honesty. Trust. Respect. These are some of the inspirational words featured in the winning computer wallpaper design of Michael Perez, a graduate student studying sport management.

Perez was announced as the winner of the Academic Integrity Week wallpaper design competition. He was awarded a $100 gift card from the University Supply Store.

The competition was held by the Academic Honor Council in honor of Academic Integrity Week, which sought to educate students about the importance of academic integrity. The theme this year was “Champions Don’t Cheat. Chose Integrity!”

In past years, there was an academic integrity essay contest held in celebration of the week. This year, however, the chief justices wanted to host a more creative competition idea.

“They came up with the computer wallpaper design competition to see if anyone could create a desktop that expressed academic integrity,” said Josh Cirulnick, a graduate assistant for the vice president of Student Affairs and helped coordinate the contest. “All of the entries were very creative and each had their own special take on academic integrity.”

The judges – who included Mark Nelson, vice president and vice provost; Lowell Davis, assistant dean of students; and Amelia Haas, president of the Academic Honor Council – unanimously selected Perez’s design. The wallpaper was chosen because of its clear layout and straightforward message of integrity.

“I tried to keep my design as simple as possible while still getting the point of academic integrity across,” Perez said. “You first see ‘Academic Integrity’ as the focal point in the center of the wallpaper, which is surrounded by words such as honesty, justice, fairness and respect. I believe seeing all of these words tied in together gives the students a real sense of what academic integrity is all about.”

Davis said that Perez’s design truly displayed academic integrity.

“As a University, our goal is to make sure students not only learn but that they practice integrity as they are learning,” Davis said. “The skills that students learn and practice today will be a reflection of their ethical behavior tomorrow.”

The AHC is currently working with the College of Arts and Sciences to display the wallpaper in A&S computer labs across campus.

“I think the wallpaper competition is very valuable in reminding students of the importance of academic integrity,” Perez said. He featured words from the Capstone Creed in his wallpaper design.

“By designing this wallpaper to be shown on the screens in computer labs, students are constantly reminded of what is expected of them in their school work,” Perez said.

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