Off the Record: Diving into the History of UA

Carson Silas, Contributing Writer

There’s history behind every rumor. “Off the Record,” a podcast inspired by “You’re Wrong About” and “Decoder Ring,” explores stories about The University of Alabama — and the history behind it all. In these three episodes, Carson Silas, a contributing writer for The Crimson White’s culture desk, talks with experts, dives deep into the history of the Capstone and the surrounding Tuscaloosa community, and discusses how that history impacts us today.

Episode 1: “Who built The University of Alabama?”

In the premier episode of “Off the Record,” Silas is joined by Hilary Green, an associate professor of history and the conductor of the University’s Hallowed Grounds campus tour, and together they discuss the history and impact of slavery at The University of Alabama. 

They analyze the University’s limited records of slavery, discuss how slavery began on campus, and discover the stories of those enslaved through UA President Basil Manly’s journals and the stories of their lives after Emancipation.

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Episode 2: “What happened to Bryce Hospital?”

Bryce Hospital, the mental health institution that served the Tuscaloosa community for over 150 years, gained national attention with the case of Wyatt v. Stickney

In the second episode of “Off the Record,” Silas is joined by Steve Davis, historian for Bryce Hospital, and together they discuss what caused the decline of the historic Bryce Hospital.

They dissect the history of mental health services in the state of Alabama, exploring how Bryce Hospital started, the impact of the state legislature’s decisions on mental health services, and what the ruling of Wyatt v. Stickney means today.

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