Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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ProctorU provides offers online convenience to students

Pete Pajor

ProctorU, a live proctoring service that offers students enrolled in online classes a convenient method for proctoring online exams, now working with The University of Alabama to offer online proctoring for exams.

“Students often have to deal with the hassle of finding their own proctor,” said Franklin Hayes, ProctorU media coordinator.

For use of ProctorU, all a student needs is a computer, webcam with a microphone, and high-speed Internet. The proctor’s screen is connected to the student’s screen so students can’t surf the web for answers. Students also must keep their eyes on the screen at all times.

ProctorU began as an idea in 2008 when cofounders Don Kassner and Jarrod Morgan were working for an online college based in Hoover, Ala. In early 2011, the company opened a second office in California, and moved to a larger facility near Birmingham, Ala.

“We actually had a police officer use ProctorU in his squad car,” Hayes said. “A student can take an online exam from anywhere.”

Online colleges make students take proctored exams in order to stop academic dishonesty. Often this means that a student must find a proctor from an accredited educational facility such as a community college, but this is not always a viable option.

“Some students are located in rural areas where community colleges may not be close by,” Hayes said. When it comes to matters of cost, it is oftentimes free for students to take proctored exams at community colleges, but for some students there may be a cost-benefit analysis because of rising gas prices. The cost of using ProctorU varies by institution, but is a little under $25, Hayes said.

In addition to UA, ProctorU works with over 100 schools. Hayes said there is no cost for the school or the students for setup.

In September, the University submitted more than 200 examinations for online proctoring, above the national average.

“I think ProctorU is definitely a program that could go somewhere,” said Alex Chase, a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering. “I like the fact that you can make an appointment for any day of the week. How convenient would having Sunday as an option be?” William Whitt, a freshman majoring in computer science engineering, said he really liked the idea behind ProctorU.

“As a native Alabamian it’s always nice to see Alabama being innovative,” Whitt said.

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