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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Thefts decreasing at the Rec Center


By Hailey Grace Allen and Elizabeth Manning

As the number of students getting ready for Spring Break bikinis and bathing suits has decreased, so have the frequency of thefts at the Student Recreation Center.

“The decline in thefts is partly because we are not seeing as many people a day as we were at the beginning of the semester,” said George Brown, executive director of University Recreation. “But reminding people of thefts, and ways to avoid them, is also contributing to the declining number.”

Brown said the Rec staff has launched an education campaign to inform students of the risks of leaving their belongings unattended.

“When a student or patron comes in, there are signs reminding them to secure their belongings,” Brown said.

Brown said the extra reminders are making a difference.

“People are becoming much more mindful that they cannot take for granted leaving their valuables around,” Brown said.

This idea is echoed in the University’s Safer Living Guide. The guide states that the No. 1 way to avoid theft is to always lock up personal belongings.

According to the guide, the majority of the crime on campus is theft of unattended property.

Brown said that unlike some other institutions that are faced with this problem, the University is not seeing as much theft from the lockers.

“All of our lockers are key or combination locks, so we’re really not having many problems with things being stolen from lockers,” he said.

Marc Moncayo, a sophomore majoring in secondary education, said the locker rental process is simple.

“I would suggest that everybody lock their stuff when they go to the Rec Center,” Moncayo said. “It’s really easy. You can just go up to the front desk, and they’ll give you a locker. All you have to do is return the key when you leave the Rec.”

Moncayo said he uses the lockers often and has never had anything stolen from him at the Rec.

Brown said in addition to locking personal belongings in the day lockers, students should consider leaving their valuables at home or even in the car.

“If you don’t absolutely need it while you’re in the Rec Center, don’t bring it in,” Brown said.

The University of Alabama Police Department recommended that students do not bring fine jewelry, heirlooms, or expensive clothing to school at all.

The Safer Living Guide also recommends that students abandon preconceived notions about how a thief looks and acts.

“At best, most of the people [that you are surrounded by] will be your acquaintances,” the guide states. “Until you know each other well enough to be friends, don’t take chances.”





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