Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Know the SGA positions you are voting for

President – Nancy Hogan, Grant Cochran

The president is responsible for the oversight of all SGA business and ensuring the goals and missions of the SGA are accomplished. The president serves as the head of the executive council and as the SGA liaison to the University administration, the Board of Trustees and the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee.


Executive VP – Stephen Swinson

The executive vice president this year will be different from past years in that his primary role will be to oversee the projects and work of the other elected vice presidents in SGA, although he will still serve as the figurehead leader of the student Senate.


VP for Financial Affairs – Mark David Kennedy

The vice president for Financial Affairs controls all the money under the SGA. This office is also in charge of fundraisers, scholarships and the distribution of funds for SGA initiatives. Financial Affairs heads the Financial Affairs Committee, which allocates $120,000 to organizations across our campus each fiscal year. The treasurer is under the vice president and balances the budget each month throughout the year. If the vice president were unable to serve to some capacity, the treasurer would fill in for the vice president.


VP for Student Affairs – David Wilson

The office of the vice president for Student Affairs addresses the concerns of students with financial needs, disabilities or children and promotes diversity on campus. He or she is responsible for all student services on campus such as ACTion Cards, Bama Dining, parking and transportation, etc. Also, the vice president oversees student life initiatives such as managing stress during exam weeks, health and wellness, safety and athletics. The goal of the vice president for Student Affairs is to represent student opinion when advocating for student services and strive to make campus better by improving student life.


VP for Academic Affairs – Clayton Armentrout

The vice president for Academic Affairs takes responsibility for improving and maintaining all aspects related to academics on campus. His tasks include of handling student advising, utilizing and creating as many resources as possible, promoting academic integrity, upholding the Capstone Creed, guiding any student with registration concerns, facilitating any requests of the faculty and answering any relevant academic needs of the student body.


VP for External Affairs – Alan Rose

From Election Day to Higher Education to Bama Cash to 348-RIDE, the vice president for external affairs serves as the direct connection between students, the University and all manners of government.


Executive Secretary – Kelsey Kurth

The SGA executive secretary is responsible for keeping record of Executive Meeting Minutes, Executive Summaries and the office hours of executive members. He or she also distributes an internal newsletter bi-weekly and an external newsletter for student organizations monthly. The executive secretary is also responsible for managing the SGA website with help from the appointed web master.

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