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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Price McGiffert wins SGA presidential election

Jake Arthur

The Elections Board released the unofficial results of the spring election at 8 Tuesday night. 

Price McGiffert has won the office of the SGA president with 68 percent of votes. Amber Scales had 23 percent of votes, and Marissa Navarro had 7 percent. The rest of the Executive Board candidates were running unopposed and are as follows:

Executive Vice President – Lauren Forrest

Vice President of Financial Affairs – Clay Gaddis

Vice President of Student Affairs – Clay Martinson

Vice President of Academic Affairs – Ross D’Entremont

Vice President of External Affairs – Harrison Adams

Executive Secretary – Claudia Hogan

As for the Senate, these are the students representing each college: 

College of Arts and Sciences

John Martin Weed

Lauren Compton

Cara Clay

Talor Allen

Reagan Tonner

Hunter Scott

Aaron Hurd

Alli Counton

Parker Cobbs

Jason Rothfarb

Butler Wilbanks

College of Commerce

Grace Burnett

Katherine Arrington

Clara Stimpson

Tommy Marlowe

Andrew Sudol

Marquis Hollingsworth

Logan Sheaffer

Sarah Boudin

Bennett McGehee

Daniel Walsh

Mitchell McCandless

College of Communication and Information Sciences

Hannah Echols 

Brooks Payne 

Leslie Young

College of Education

Katie Bernard 

Jeanie Crouch

College of Engineering

Demarcus Joiner

Caroline Stallings

Chad Heatley

Grant McAllister

Lance Rodriguez

Matthew Trzesniewski

Graduate School


College of Human and Environmental Sciences

Katie Larson

Caroline Graham

Rachel England

Harris Bolus

Law School

Sydney Brasfield

Branden Greenberg 

College of Nursing

Allison Bailey 

Skylar Devers

School of Social Work

Kathryn Hayes

Kaleb Crabtree

All of the constitutional amendments passed. Amendments include additions such as Senators now receive SNAM Forgiveness and can occupy the Homecoming Committee and the Senate. The Elections Board has been expanded to 12 members now with six students chosen by the Vice President of Student Affairs and the other six to be voted on by the Executive Council. 

Thirty-five percent of the student electorate voted on myBama this year, down from last year’s turnout of 41 percent. 

According to the elections manual, results are considered finalized two class days after the unofficial results are released, given no pending investigations or violations. 

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