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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Shelton State offers cheaper alternative for students

A number of UA students choose to take classes at Shelton State Community College prior to, or in conjunction with, beginning their coursework at the University.

Shelton State Community College offers a broad range of general education courses as well as technical and occupational programs for students looking for an alternative to a four-year degree.

The college also provides students with the opportunity to complete their general education requirements outside of a major academic institution.

Kylie Kitchens, a senior majoring in psychology attended Shelton State for two years before transferring to the University.

“I’m definitely glad I started out at Shelton,” Kitchens said. “I didn’t have to take out any student loans, like I have at Alabama.”

Kitchens said by attending Shelton State, she was able to complete all of her general education course requirements while saving around $8,000 in tuition costs.

However, Kitchens said, it wasn’t just the difference in price that motivated her to begin her post-secondary education at the two-year junior college.

“At Shelton, it wasn’t necessarily that the classes were easier, but I had a lot more motivation to do my work there,” Kitchens said. “The classroom sizes were smaller and there was much more one-on-one time with the teachers than there is at the University.”

Students do not have to begin their coursework at Shelton State in order to receive credit for classes taken there.

According to Shelton’s website, a transfer student who attended another post-secondary institution and seeks credit for transfer to a parent institution may be admitted to the institution as a transient student.

The student must submit an application for admission and an official letter from the institution, which certifies that the credit earned at the institution will be accepted as a part of the student’s academic program.

Brittney Pruitt, a senior majoring in business management, said she took two of her general education courses at Shelton State while still enrolled at Alabama.

“It was relatively easy to transfer credit once I understood the process,” Pruitt said. “There is a short, simple form to fill out once you finish your class at Shelton and the administration office handles it from there.”

Pruitt said she decided to take classes at Shelton State because they were cheaper per credit hour.

“I like that the classes at Shelton were cheaper, but UA offers more value with their classes,” Pruitt said. “At UA, I feel that I walked away with more knowledge and understanding of the material and that helped me in future classes.”

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