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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Tide buckles down, moves on


After a rough start to the week, as Alabama came off its first regular-season loss since the 2007 season, the team’s focus is now back where it needs to be – on its next opponent.

“Practice is back to itself,” junior wide receiver Darius Hanks said. “Guys were a little bit disappointed and sad about the loss, but Coach Saban has picked us up a lot. We’ve moved on. We’re focusing on Ole Miss now.”

The South Carolina game is not being completely forgotten, though. Some players are using it as motivation for the remainder of the season.

“We’ve had to move on from the loss, but at the same time we want to remember the way it felt,” said sophomore offensive lineman Barrett Jones. “A lot of guys hadn’t experienced what a loss felt like in a while, or at all for some of the younger guys. It’s a taste we’re remembering, but at the same time we’re not dwelling on it.”

During the press conference, Saban showed more optimism towards the team than earlier in the week, but he also reemphasized the importance of each player playing the entire 60-minute game with full effort.

“We’ve worked pretty well,” Saban said, following Wednesday’s practice. “I think when the game comes, everybody has the will to win, but I think the important thing is that you have to have the will to prepare yourself to be able to play successfully. We have to play for 60 minutes of the game and play winning football that way, which I don’t think we’ve done all year. Ole Miss is a difficult team. What they are doing offensively now is really not like anything we’ve seen.”


With Homecoming preparations underway all throughout the Capstone this week, the football team is also getting ready for the once-a-year atmosphere provided by the returning alumni.

“Homecoming is a traditional event and an opportunity for a lot of people to come back to something that’s important to them,” Saban said. “They have a tradition of memories that go with their experience at the University of Alabama. We appreciate the great atmosphere that Homecoming provides, but we would also like to provide the fans with a positive experience.”

During the Homecoming game, the Homecoming Queen is presented, famous alumni speak and various other activities are arranged to celebrate the alumni who attended Alabama.

Tide recovering from injuries

Freshman offensive lineman D.J. Fluker was the only injured player dressed in a black jersey at practice Wednesday. Fluker worked on the stationary bike, but did not participate in any of the drills with the linemen.

Junior wide receiver Julio Jones was not wearing a black jersey for the first time since his hand surgery. Despite his injury, Jones continued to catch one-handed passes throughout practice. Head coach Nick Saban also said that the injury is day-to-day.

“Julio practiced today,” Saban said. “He didn’t have any problems from what he did yesterday. He was able to catch balls and run routes with everybody else. We’ll just continue to evaluate his progress.  He needs to have use of his hand. Catching the ball [with both hands] is something he hasn’t been able to do so far.”

Junior linebacker Courtney Upshaw’s right ankle was taped up, but he was no longer in a black jersey in practice. Saban said after seeing the practice today he believes Upshaw will be playing Saturday as long as there aren’t any recurring problems.

Junior linebacker Chris Jordan was also back at practice, participating after a hamstring injury that’s kept him out for some time.

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