Gates changed due to South End Zone additions

CW Staff

Fans visiting Bryant-Denny Stadium for the Sept. 4 football game against San Jose State will notice some changes in gate numbers due to the expansion of the South End Zone. These gate number changes affect almost every gate of the facility, not just those on the south end of Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Gates 1, 2 and 3 are unchanged, but all other gate numbers have been affected. While the physical location of the gates for most sections remains the same, the numbers corresponding to those points of entry are most likely slight different than in the past, so fans should play close attention to the gate number on their ticket and be sure to enter the stadium through the proper gate so as to assure quick access to their seats.

Some areas of note and their corresponding entry gates for 2010:

Gate 3 – Media Will Call/Media Entrance

Gate 3 – High School Football Coaches

Gates 3 & 32 – Wheelchair Ticket Exchange

Gates 6 & 43 – Public Elevator

Gate 8 – President’s Box Elevator

Gate 9 – First Aid

Gate 14 – Press Box & Ivory Club Elevator

Gate 15 – Media/Photographers Entrance

Gate 19 – Lost & Found

Gate 30 – Student Entrance for Special Groups

Gate 31 – Student Entrance

Gate 32 – Public Will Call

Gate 33 – A Club & Scholarship Club Pre-Game Luncheon

Gate 35 – Student-Athletes

Gate 35 – Students with Disabilities

Gate 36 – Non-football Recruits

Gate 37 – Alabama Team Player Pass Gate

Gate 40 – Visiting Team Player Pass Gate

Gate 44 – Bands & Cheerleaders

Gate 47 – Football Recruits