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AdTeam, advertising awards give students work experience

Dozens of images flash through a person’s brain on a daily basis. An average human is confronted with these images on television, on the Internet, in grocery stores and on buses. These images are created by advertisers who strive to grab the finite attention of consumers. Through the College of Communication and Informational Sciences and other organizations, University of Alabama undergraduates are practicing these techniques.

Although the University has an advertising department in the College of Communication and Information Sciences, there is also a chapter of a national organization, the American Advertising Federation, open to any undergraduates interested in advertising. The chapter is called Capstone Ad Fed.

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Members of Capstone Ad Fed recently won multiple awards at the local level of the American Advertising Awards, held by the AAF. UA students scooped up Student Best of Show and Special Judge’s Award, among others.

“We’re thrilled that people thought it was good stuff,” associate Professor of Advertising Glenn Griffin said.

Griffin’s students won a multitude of individual awards at the show and he expressed his excitement about the confidence it brought to his students. He said they have entered a variety of competitions in the three years he has been at the University, and they have done well in several. However, Griffin said the ultimate goal is not to win awards but to get students a job.

Ad Team, the University of Alabama’s team for the National Student Advertising Competition, won a copy writing award at this year’s AAAs.

“The program overall is just really good,” Teri Henley, faculty advisor for the team, said.

Ad Team is always busy at work on various projects. Each year, the team receives a case study in which they must create a fully detailed campaign plan based on a single client. This year, the client is Mary Kay Cosmetics. The team is creating everything necessary for a full presentation, including promotional ideas, creative strategy ads, websites, banner ads and a downloadable app.

“The best entries are the ones that really address the client’s concerns, and they’re creative, but they ultimately sell the product,” Henley said.

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Last year, the team’s campaign was for Glidden Paint. Myreete Wolford, president of AdTeam and a senior majoring in public relations, described the concept of the campaign that won them a Silver AAA for copyright as “inspiration captured.” She said although the object is not always tangible, you might be able to capture the inspiration of something with color.

Wolford has been with Ad Team for three years and said it has provided her with opportunities for leadership and has allowed her to have fun.

“Advertising people are simply the best,” Wolford said. “They always know how to have a good time.”

The team will turn in the final hard copy of this year’s Mary Kay campaign on March 21. They will then choose five members to present the campaign at the district competition in Birmingham on April 11. The district is composed of Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and most of Louisiana. Henley said there are usually about 10 schools that compete, and she is looking for a big win at the district competition, since the team came in third with their Glidden Paint campaign last year.

As well as preparing for competition this year, the organization will also hold a reunion to welcome back members from previous years’ teams. This year marks the 40th anniversary of AdTeam at the University, which makes it one of the oldest continuing programs in the country.

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