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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Next year’s offense could be greatest Nick Saban has put together for Tide

As Alabama progresses further and further into its spring training, I’ve noticed something: This Alabama offense is looking to be the most explosive one yet under head coach Nick Saban.

Considering some of the offensive firepower Alabama’s fielded since Saban has been here, that’s certainly saying something. It might even seem too good to be true – but it’s certainly plausible.

Consider this: In two scrimmages thus far, senior quarterback AJ McCarron has thrown for more than 600 yards and eight touchdowns. Sophomore receiver Amari Cooper has 228 receiving yards and five touchdowns scored. Sophomore running back T.J. Yeldon rushed for 101 yards in the second scrimmage of the year. Not to mention all of new names and people coming back from injuries.

All of these performances were against a young and banged-up defense, but an Alabama defense nonetheless. What does that mean for opposing defenses in the future? Probably not good things.

This year could mark one of the most complete Alabama offenses Saban’s fielded during his tenure. Never before has Alabama had such a complete offensive team.

All the components are there: an efficient, veteran quarterback, powerful and speedy running backs, and a legion of wide receivers with big-play ability. Even the offensive line, which lost some considerable talent from last year, has enough individual talent to fill in the holes.

Sure, Alabama has had a few of these areas covered in previous seasons. But never before has Alabama seen this kind of potential for scoring points. Granted, Alabama’s offensive style will likely remain the same this season. Saban will probably have his powerful running backs and mammoth offensive line pound opposing defenses into submission.

But the fact that Alabama has that big-play ability – from all over the field – should be cause for excitement for Tide fans. Granted, Alabama will likely never be on par with the Oregons and Texas A&Ms of the world, at least as they are now.

What we are seeing is simply a natural evolution of the way football has to be played by teams who wish to compete for a national title. As defensive players get bigger, stronger, faster and more technically sound, it makes sense for offenses as a whole to grow to catch up.

For now, it seems, Alabama’s offense has overtaken the defense in that growth. That certainly doesn’t mean it can’t continue to get better, however. Talent can only get a team so far. Good coaching and a genuine desire to improve can take a team so much farther. Luckily for Tide fans, it seems as if the offense has no problem in either of those categories.

None of the players, particularly the early enrollees, seem satisfied with what they’ve accomplished. And as long as Saban keeps guys like Doug Nussmeier around, you can be the offense will be technically sound.

Is this a guarantee Alabama will potent on offense next year? Not necessarily. But I think it’s a safe bet to assume we’re going to see some offensive fireworks in the 2013 season.

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