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Alabama women’s tennis team’s grit and chemistry contribute to success

For the first time in school history the Alabama women’s tennis team is ranked in the top five in the country. The Crimson Tide has started the year off with an 8-1 record; the only lost the Tide has suffered this season was a 4-3 defeat at the hands of then 14th ranked Northwestern Wildcats.

What has made the women’s tennis perform so well so far this season? I have had the opportunity to watch the ladies compete several times this year. There are quite a few factors that I think attribute to the team’s success, but the three biggest have been the schedule, the team’s grit and the team’s chemistry.

The schedule the Tide has played this year has been a very difficult one. It has faced a countless number of ranked opponents this season, such as the University of Texas, Clemson and Baylor. I think a schedule like this will help any team, regardless of the sport.

I think this schedule is good for the Tide because it puts the team in tough situations and allows the team to gain experience from the tough matches it has played. The experience from the matches will help the team down the road.

The team already has experience in playing for a championship, as it competed in the ITA National Indoor Championships in Charlottesville, VA earlier this month.

I believe the experience the team got from playing in this tournament has really boosted its confidence, as well as gaining momentum that has carried on to this point in the season.

To me another key thing the women’s team does so well is fight. The ladies continue to fight when their back is against the wall. The team is a very gritty and tenacious and will play every point like it is the last.

I’ve had the opportunity to see the team fight to the very end a few times this year. In its last match, the Tide was down 1-0 to Texas Tech. The girls showed great resilience and girt, they never got down on themselves and came back to defeat a very good Texas Tech team.

The way the Tide competes and fights is just a testament to the team; it will always give it all it has no matter the circumstances, and as the season goes on I’m sure Alabama will continue to fight when it’s down to the final point.

Team chemistry is crucial to the success of a team, and for the women’s tennis team it is no different. Every match I’ve been to I have observed how close the team is to each other.

The team plays for one other. Each member supports the other and always encourages them by rooting them on after each point. I think that the team chemistry is also a testament to the character of the team and shows how badly the ladies want to win, and how much they want to win for each other.

As conference play begins this weekend I think the Tide has a very good opportunity to continue its success. If the ladies continue to work hard as well as keep fighting, I think they have a good shot at competing or even winning a national title.

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