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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Wins during 1st weekend supply motivation for women’s tennis team

The University of Alabama women’s tennis team will compete against Texas Christian University and Southern Methodist University this weekend after toppling the Clemson Tigers at home Jan. 27, and winning its match against the Memphis Grizzlies Jan. 26.

Head coach Jenny Mainz said playing at home last weekend allowed the team to work off early season jitters. It was also an opportunity for the team to experience a loud crowd and intense atmosphere.

“The team was fired up; the fans were fired up; the coaches were fired up,” Mainz said. “It was just an electric environment at the indoor facility. We played off of the crowd and the noise and the energy.”

This weekend the Tide will take to the road for its first matches away from home this season. The Tide entered the match with Clemson ranked No. 9 and maintained its composure through what Mainz said was a tough competition.

“Our backs were against the wall a couple different times,” Mainz said. “Actually both days in doubles we played from behind. We just had to fight.”

The head coach said come-from-behind wins are some of the most important in tennis. The wins against both the Grizzlies and the Tigers have motivated the team.

“[Last weekend] gives us a lot of confidence going into the rest of the season because we’re battle tested,” Mainz said. “We didn’t win easily. When we beat Memphis 4-0, it was a close 4-0. I always think if you can win the tough ones, the tie-breakers, the third sets, the ones where you’re very very close – I think it shows a lot of mental toughness and stamina.”

Senior Antonia Foehse said the team’s focus helped the players through each match. She said each player was concerned with what happened on their court, and the support of teammates helped each player stay motivated. The team believed they could defeat Clemson and went into the match with this mindset. The win has propelled the team forward because they know they can win the challenging matches, Foehse said.

“We were thinking about this feeling all week, like winning against Clemson,” Foehse said. “And then when we actually did it, the feeling was unbelievable because we actually made the step and went over the hump and did it.”

The Tide will travel to Texas for its first away matches of the season this weekend. The team plays TCU on Feb. 2 and will travel to Dallas, Texas to play SMU on Feb. 3.

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