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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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University Programs accepting applicants for open staff positions

University Programs will begin accepting student applications to join its office staff on Monday, Nov. 5, as part of a rebranding effort to help centralize the event programming board for The Universty of Alabama.

Formerly a separate organization, UP merged with the Ferguson Center in 2008 and was made responsible for planning events across campus. Although the student-led program still remains a part of the Ferg, UP is taking steps to solidify itself as the go-to program for university events.

“We want to rebrand and revitalize the name and help create an image for ourselves,” Betsy Stewart, an MBA student and graduate assistant with UP, said. “Although students are familiar with the events, not many know about the work that goes into it and we want to change that.”

That starts by bringing in more students to work in the office. UP plans on opening an additional five positions next semester to be filled by students looking to gain experience in the fields of event planning, public relations, advertising and marketing. Students are not required to have a specific major to apply.

UP is currently run by a staff of 11 students who put in 10 to 20 hours of work a week in the office.

These students plan events such as the Week of Welcome and Rock the Vote, which are only a small percentage of their actual work load. Not only do they host more than 50 free events per semester, but they also collaborate with other departments and offer consulting services and logistical assistance.

“We have multiple pieces to be collaborative with,” LaToya Scott, the assistant director of the Ferguson Center said. “Whether you need funds for an event or advice about where to have an event, we can do that.”

Averie Armstead, a junior majoring in public relations and student programmer for UP, said the diversity of interactions within UP is its strongest feature.

“Our office does more than just host events,” Armstead said. “We have opportunities for students to volunteer, brainstorm event ideas, design ads, and work on the branding side of the operation.”

The events hosted by UP fall into one of four categories: Hot Topics, Late Night, Movie Series and International Expressions. These events offer all students the opportunity to socialize in a safe environment and discover common interests while promoting campus unity.

For those who work in the office, the benefits gained from joining UP are worth the extra time.

“My portfolio has gotten so much larger than it was when I was just an undergraduate student,” Armstead said. “This is not just a practicum, but a job that gives you real-world experience.”

The individual specialization of those who work in the office is not a significant factor, as the entire team collaborates to achieve the same goal.

“Getting different perspectives on certain aspects of our planning really helps the process because that way we can provide events that will appeal to more students,” Stewart said.

The deadline to apply for a position with UP is Wednesday Nov. 21 at 5 p.m. Interviews will be conducted Nov. 28-30. Applications can be found online, the Ferguson Center information desk and Room 314 in the Ferguson Center.


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