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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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In retrospect, Alabama’s early week off was for the best

Wow. That’s really all I can say after a weekend full of college football upsets. Just wow.

Throughout the weekend, there was a litany of monumental upsets that left many thinking their team would have been better off not playing that day, which, coincidentally, Alabama wasn’t.

When I looked at Alabama’s schedule before the season started, I noticed what I thought could be a serious danger as the team started heading down the final stretch: the Crimson Tide didn’t have its bye week the week before LSU.

At the time, I thought Alabama would’ve been better changing its bye to the weekend before LSU, giving Alabama a much-needed rest and more time to prepare for what is still a talented Tiger squad.

In retrospect, it’s good Alabama had the week off when it did.

First and foremost, Alabama needed it. The Tide, which started its season as the most talented, best-coached team in the nation, started to falter. It looked sluggish. It looked sloppy. It looked beatable. I guess that’s the Southeastern Conference for you, though.

For Alabama, getting in a much-needed week of rest and refinement will spell good things in the future. Especially since every player on the team should have been glued to their television screen Saturday to watch one of the biggest shake-ups in the polls in years.

The game started off with a big, but not necessarily huge, upset win for the No. 11 Florida Gators over the No. 4 LSU Tigers. Things got a little weirder as the day went on, as the Iowa State Cyclones pulled out another stunning upset over the No. 13 TCU Horned Frogs. And what can you say about the N.C. State and FSU game? Truly, truly unbelievable.

But the biggest game that stuck out to me over the weekend was not a monumental upset but a monumental near-blowout. That game was between the No. 5 Georgia Bulldogs and the No. 6 South Carolina Gamecocks.

The match-up figured to be the game of the week but instead showed how the Gamecocks, much like Alabama in the West, are easily the most talented team in the SEC East. They were clicking on all cylinders, offensively, defensively, even on special teams. They came in and simply laid a good old-fashioned beating on Georgia.

You know what four top-15 teams losing all in the same day, three of them in the top five, told me? None of them were prepared. None of them were playing like they were supposed to. It showed on the scoreboard, and it’s showing on their records. And you know what else? I bet that the Alabama players and head coach Nick Saban saw the same thing on Saturday.

So, as the Tide resumes play this week against what appears to be a weak Missouri team, you can bet getting an extra week to work out any kinks and receiving a wake-up call will only help Alabama in the long run.

Don’t believe me? Go ask Georgia, LSU or FSU if they wouldn’t have liked to have the week off.

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