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Transition to Tuscaloosa means more training for freshman runner

One runner is working on becoming a freshmen sensation.

First year Alabama cross country runner Robbie Farnham-Rose is making the transition from standout junior athlete in Great Britain to full-time student athlete.

With a change of scenery and culture, the shift has not been blemish-free. Farnham-Rose and the cross country coaching staff are working hard to turn the English star into an American college star.

“He’s had some transition lately because he’s been getting adapted and adjusted to the whole realm of school, the lifestyle here and then also with the training as well,” said Adam Tribble, assistant coach for distance runners. “He’s done a lot in a month, but we’re really excited about him. He’s a super talent, and he’s got a great, great future.”

Before coming to Tuscaloosa, Farnham-Rose had not trained or ran for nearly three weeks. His training was sporadic in England, but that did not stop him from competing in England’s U20 championship and World Trials. Neither did it keep him from finishing third in the English Schools’ Cross Country Championships nor from running a personal best in the 800 meters to win the British Milers Club Regional Races.

Upon arriving on U.S. soil, Farnham-Rose quickly realized it was the dawn of a new day for his career.

“I’m doing a lot more now that I’m here than I was doing, and I think that’s the reason why I did bad the first race, just not ready or used to it yet,” said Farnham-Rose, the Borough Green, England native. “When I train, I have so many early starts. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten up at five in the morning. I get up at five in the morning twice a week.”

Farnham-Rose’s first collegiate competition was the Notre Dame Invitational.

“It didn’t go with what I thought would happen,” he said. “One thing is that I wasn’t 100 percent ready for it, so you just gotta move on.”

And moving on is exactly what Farnham-Rose is doing. He has set goals for himself for the remainder of this season and moving into the rest of his collegiate career. One of his goals is to run the 1600 meters under four minutes, but he doesn’t want to be too ambitious or set himself up for failure.

“I just want to keep improving,” Farnham-Rose said. “I know I’m capable of running quite good in this country, I just need to find the right fitness that will get me in shape.”

Transitioning from England to America has not been easy for Farnham-Rose, but his journey is only beginning.

“We’re just getting him adjusted and then once he gets adjusted and gets settled, he is going to be a star,” Tribble said.

The summer weather may have been too hot for him, but just like summer in Alabama, Farnham-Rose’s future just may be too hot for any of his competitors to handle.

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