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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Mark Ingram holds youth football camp at Tuscaloosa County


During the NFL offseason, former Alabama running back Mark Ingram has completely recovered from a turf toe injury that sidelined the Saints’ first-round pick in his first year. His quarterback, Drew Brees, recently agreed on contact negotiations with the team, and of course, he has had to deal with the allegations stemming from the Saints’ defense’s bounty program.

But Ingram was able to put away all the distractions and business that comes with being a professional football player over the weekend as he got back to the basics by hosting the Mark Ingram Football ProCamp at Tuscaloosa County High School.

The event, which drew roughly 300 participants, taught campers the fundamental skills of football, while the DCH Medical Center talked with parents about safety in the sport.

Ingram said he was happy to come back to Tuscaloosa and help with the camping experience.

“I always have so much love from Tuscaloosa,” Ingram said. “And just to put on the camp for the kids – they’re out here having a great time, their parents are out there watching them have a great time – it’s just a great event.”

Ingram said he was most excited about was the opportunity to help the campers in their development.

“You know, they’re just having fun out there,” Ingram said. “It’s pure, it’s fun. They’re playing because they love to play. And that was me one day. You just have your hopes and dreams of playing varsity football, playing big-time college football and hopefully one day becoming a pro.”

“And that’s them right now, and they just have an opportunity. You just got to let them know, that whatever they want to do, if they just put their mind to it, they can be successful if they work hard for it.”

Former offensive line coach Joe Pendry was also present at the camp, helping work with the campers. Ingram said he was happy one of his old coaches could take time to help him with the camp.

“That was a pleasant surprise,” Ingram said. “I didn’t know he was coming out here. Just to see him out here put a smile on my face. I learned a lot from him my three years at Bama. He was hard on me my freshman year. I learned so much from him as a player, how to be a better player and person.”

It wasn’t all fun and games for the NFL running back, however. Ingram also discussed the offseason he and his team have had. Despite the blow to the defense, Ingram said the talent and leadership of the team will help the Saints to what could potentially be another Super Bowl year.

“We know what type of character guys we have in the locker room, what type of coaches, what type of organization we have,” Ingram said. “They haven’t put this team together that won a Super Bowl and built this team just to lay down.”

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